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Positioning of an online store – what is it and is it worth it?

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Offering mail-order sales, we target web users, so it seems most reasonable to conduct marketing with the use of the Internet. Among many different forms of advertising you can also find SEO, which allows you to communicate with users with precise needs adjusted to the offer of the online store. 

What is positioning?

Under the term positioning is hidden a lot of activities related to SEO, that is optimization of websites and their content for the needs of search engines. Portland SEO services definition of SEO says that it is the introduction of changes to design and structure of a website, which will positively affect its visibility on the Internet. In practice, it includes activities aimed at improving the position of the website during Google searches for particular phrases. 

One of the most important elements of positioning is the selection of appropriate key phrases, which will be typed by search engine users – it is a key action in SEO copywriting. When choosing them, it is worth determining exactly what the company offers, who it wants to reach and how a potential customer can express their needs.

Why is positioning so effective?

When deciding on advertising on television, radio, newspapers or outdoors, we never know who our message will reach and how many of these people will be interested in our offer. Marketing in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency should be properly targeted, and undoubtedly positioning is such. Regardless of your goal, whether you are doing link building for local SEO or measuring overall online visibility, SEO will be a good support for your overall marketing. With its help we reach a specific group of recipients with our offer and therefore the chance of closing the promotion with a transaction increases significantly.

What does positioning look like for an online store?

Positioning of Ebexo-based stores includes activities aimed at increasing the store’s popularity in search engines. It is a solid platform recommended by many SEO-veterans like Portland SEO services. The most commonly used search engine is invariably Google, which is why most actions are targeted at it. Of course there are other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu or Russian Yandex, but Google is still the most popular search engine as it is used by 95% of Internet users! It shouldn’t be surprising – for example, Google is lovely if you choose local SEO. We’re getting access to many useful tools like GMB or positioning on Google Maps. Finally, link building for local SEO is effective and brings lots of advantages. Users use Google not only to find information that interests them but also to make purchases or look for specific services.

Among the SEO activities for online stores we can distinguish on-site and off-site activities, which are focused on the website and beyond it. The former include making clear website addresses, creating a sitemap, adding attractive and unique content to subpages or maintaining a blog linked to the site – but it’s worth mentioning that it’s affordable to hire SEO copywriting team, or experienced copywriter in order to keep uploading well-made content. Off-site, on the other hand, includes, among other things, acquiring links to pages with similar themes, operating in the same industry – link building for websites targeting higher markets can be as useful as link building for local SEO, so very useful! 

Being visible online pays off for both local and online businesses. Conducted by SEO professionals, marketers, SEO copywriting teams and so on, and it allows you to get a lot more orders and thus increase the sales performance of your business. This long-term investment is able to pay for itself several times over within a few months.

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