How to get rid of unnecessary things from your apartment?

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Your closet is overflowing, but you still feel like you have nothing to wear? Or maybe your bookshelf is bending under the weight of books that nobody reads? Check out how to declutter your home from unnecessary items

An excess of things that need attention takes up valuable time and space in the apartment, which is why more and more people see the benefits of minimalism and conscious consumption. It is worth breaking the habit of buying things on impulse or going to the mall to improve your mood. Also dangerous are trips to outlet stores and sales, which can result in the spontaneous purchase of unnecessary items of poor quality. The key to creating the perfect space is sensible planning of purchases, as well as successive removal of unnecessary things from the apartment.

Plan a general cleaning

Many people have an emotional attachment to items they have invested money in or received as gifts from loved ones. Unfortunately, misplaced purchases or gifts take up valuable space in the home and serve no one. It’s worth setting aside time to tidy up and review items from around the home under separate categories. When deciding whether to keep an item, it may help to ask yourself how you feel about the item and whether you would buy it again. It’s worth following the cleaning methods of Japanese cleaning expert Marie Kondo. One of the main recommendations of the KonMari method is to focus on the items you want to keep and not throw away.

Unnecessary books

Books that are getting dusty on your bookshelf can be taken to the library, given away to loved ones or left on a city bookshelf. It is also a good idea to list them on auction sites such as allegro, skupszop, olx or reading groups on facebook. If you prefer to sell books in a traditional way, go to a nearby antique shop or take part in second-hand book fairs which often take place in summer in big cities – such events are a good opportunity to sell books or exchange them for others. Old magazines, notebooks from school or advertising leaflets can be recycled

Overflowing closet

Clothes that are in good condition but no longer fit our size or style can be put up on auction sites that specialize in selling clothes and accessories, such as vinted or closet. If you have doubts whether you will ever wear certain clothes again, pack them in a cardboard box and put them away for a while to see if you feel like taking them out. Separating clothes and accessories by season is also a good way to keep your closet organized. To do this, check out the products we have in our cardboard warehouse. You can also donate your used clothes to charity, recycle them or put them in a second-hand clothes container

Electronic waste

Make sure that electro-waste and used batteries never end up in municipal waste. Old cables, chargers or damaged electronic equipment should be disposed of in special containers, which can be found in selected supermarkets and shopping malls. It is worth knowing that many towns and cities offer free of charge collection of large electro-waste, which can be arranged by phone. If the equipment is in working order or has few defects, it can also be put up for free on Olx. Surely someone will come forward to collect the device and make use of it.

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