Organizing your desk drawer – proven tricks!

Organizacja szuflady w biurku - sprawdzone triki!
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Keeping our drawers organized is the first step to working more efficiently. You’ve probably had to wade through countless items more than once to find a simple pen. With just a few simple tricks, you can eliminate this persistent problem.

  1. Tidy up

Before you can even think about organization, you should first empty your drawers of unnecessary items. Ideally, you should get everything out of them so you can think about what you want to keep in there. Take care of the sorting and leave what you need.

  1. Organizers

Dividing a larger space into a smaller space and grouping your bins will keep your drawers organized. You can highlight different categories like documents, notebooks, writing utensils, accessories like glue, scissors. Put what you use most in the front and leave the least needed items in the back.

  1. Empty space is good

Your drawer doesn’t have to be full. A little bit of empty space will give you some aesthetics and order. Plus, you’ll be able to see everything, so you don’t have to unnecessarily clear everything off your desk when you’re looking for something.

  1. Documents, scrapbooks and other printed matter

We often throw loose pieces of paper into our desks, which in the long run ends up turning the drawer into a paper waste bin. Invest in folders, label them, e.g. documents from the bank, school/university materials, contracts with operators, tax documents. Tidying up your paperwork is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also reduces stress when you are looking for an important letter.

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