What to pack for a fall vacation in the mountains?

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Planning a fall vacation in the mountains? Make sure you stock up on everything you need. In this article, you will find our subjective review of travel essentials

Autumn in the mountains is stunning with its changing landscape. Imagine the sunset in the forest, the light spilling over the valley, the empty walking trails. The beauty of nature will help you relax and disconnect from everyday problems. To make your trip a complete success, make sure you have the items from the following list with you.

Comfortable shoes

Don’t let inappropriate footwear spoil your mood during your autumn walk. First and foremost, don’t take newly purchased, not yet unlaced shoes on your trip. Pack tested shoes or at least try on a new pair before you leave. Autumn weather can be changeable, so be prepared for different temperatures – especially heavy rainfall. Lightweight training shoes with waterproof membranes and soles with good traction are definitely a smart choice.


If you are planning to be active and are going to spend many hours outdoors, remember to take a flashlight with you. For a runner, the most convenient will be a head flashlight, which allows to light the way, provides freedom of movement and makes the runner visible from a distance, which significantly increases his safety. Cyclists going on long journeys should also take care of this. Bicycle fenix flashlights illuminate the path for many meters and offer a double beam of light that may be necessary outside of urban areas. Moving in full focus on slippery, often uneven ground and in the rain, it would be good to additionally not worry about the quickly falling darkness.

Warm jacket

According to a well-known Swedish saying, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. It is worth adopting this approach and not to give up plans due to unexpected precipitation, but to prepare well in advance. In autumn temperatures in the mountains can be unpredictable. To protect yourself from the cold it is worth investing in thermoactive underwear and wearing multiple layers of clothing. In the autumn, a light jacket made of breathable material, which is impermeable to wind, and which you can take out of your backpack at any time, even on a seemingly sunny day, will work best on the trail.


For the comfort and health of your spine, choose a hiking or trekking backpack, adapted to your height and purpose. Consider all parameters, not only the type of fabric and capacity. A backpack should fit every body shape and be shaped to distribute the load optimally. Many mountain models allow you to control the tilt of the backpack from your back without removing it and come in a package with a rain cover.

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