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How to start walruses?

Jak zacząć morsować?
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The fashion for walruses continues, it is one of the forms of physical activity and caring for one’s body. However, it is not recommended for everyone. Find out how to start walrus bathing step by step.

A few words about walruses

For some people, walrting may seem to be a rather strange way of spending their free time. Icy water and uncomfortable conditions will not encourage everyone to try this form of activity. However, immersion in cold water can have a positive effect on the body. Among the advantages we can mention the improvement of the cardiovascular system, strengthening the immune system, accelerating recovery, better blood supply to the skin, and even works … painkilling. Thus, it will help people who have problems with joints and muscle pain. Moreover, it is a good way to improve your mood. An important piece of information for women is that cold water has a positive effect on cellulite reduction.

Walrus bathing is not for everybody

If you have any doubts about walruses, consult them with your doctor. Some illnesses may turn out to be contraindications, e.g. heart or blood pressure problems. Apart from that, people who have epilepsy, Lyme disease, brain diseases or circulation problems should not do the walrus. Contraindications may also include pregnancy and diseases related to the upper respiratory tract. If you are not sure – consult your doctor about your intention to swim in the sea!

How to start walrting?

It is worth thinking about bathing a few weeks before the first contact with cold water in the open air. It is worth starting with taking a cool shower.

On the day of walruses, remember about :

  • warm-up – running, cycling or simple exercises to warm up your muscles,
  • entering the water in company,
  • walrus duration – the colder the water, the shorter you should stay in it,
  • wear tight-fitting bathing suit or swimming trunks,
  • taking a cap, gloves and shoes, as well as a towel.

The warm-up should last several minutes and cannot be too intense. It is best to start in full sportswear and then begin to take off individual clothing.

It is not recommended to drink hot tea or coffee before the walrus bathing. It is also not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.

How to start walruses? It is not worth running into the water, it is better to walk forward with a firm step. Submerge gradually and remember to keep your hands up. When you get to a chosen spot, don’t stand there. Move gradually so that your body is constantly in motion. Your first swim should not last longer than 30 seconds – this is really enough time to toughen up your body.

Observe your body’sreaction all the time – if you notice muscle trembling or rapid breathing, it is best to go to the shore as soon as possible. Then it is necessary to dry off and dress in warm clothes.

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