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Sale in stores – what to pay attention to in order not to be cheated?

Wyprzedaże w sklepach - na co zwrócić uwagę, żeby nie dać się oszukać?
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The upcoming Black Friday sales are sure to attract lots of customers. However, we should watch out for some unfair practices in stores.

Shopping holidays

Shopping malls are in a shopping frenzy during Black Friday. Shoppers flock to stores in search of discounted gems. In some stores products are discounted by up to 70%, but it is only seemingly such a good offer. During Black Friday there is a lot of chaos in the stores, so we cannot think about our choice and end up buying things we do not really need. Slightly better situation is on Cyber Monday, a day when online stores have discounts. Here we do not have to push with other customers and we have more time to think, but it does not change the fact that shopping is still fraught with some risk. What is it?

Fraud during in-store sales

By design, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities for consumers to shop at discounted prices. It’s the perfect time to buy holiday gifts or home appliances you’ve been planning to buy for a long time. However, many retailers have started to use unfair practices that make it seem like we’re not saving as much as we might think

How do they do it? First of all, a few days before the discount they raise the prices of products. In effect, the Black Friday price cut means that shoppers flocking to the “discounted” products buy them at the regular price. Additionally, we often succumb to positive reviews of a product and buy it even though we don’t need it. The joy of paying less for it is only apparent. Only later do we realize that we have spent money on something that is of no use to us at all.

How not to get ripped off during a sale?

We already know that fraudulent practices and scams do happen. So how should we protect ourselves from such activities? In the most popular stationary shopping we can try on clothes and shoes, smell and try cosmetics, so it is easy to fall into a shopping frenzy there. In this case, it is better to opt for online shopping for example during Cyber Monday

It is easy to compare prices of products in different stores and see if a particular online store does not also use unfair practices. It is advisable to walk around the stores a few days beforehand and try on the clothes you are interested in. Thanks to this, we will successfully choose the right size when shopping online.

How to prepare for stationary shopping?

If we decide to shop in stationary stores, before the sales it is worth to go to the mall, choose the items that interest us and check their prices. This way we can check whether the store is not trying to cheat its customers. Fortunately, not all stores engage in unfair practices and you can find real gems at attractive prices

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