How to choose an electric skateboard?

How to choose an electric skateboard?
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Electric skateboards are becoming increasingly popular among fans of technological innovations. What should you consider when buying one? Is this gadget is certainly safe?

Electric skateboard – what is it?

Electric skateboard is also called a minisegway. Segways are small vehicles equipped with:

  • two wheels,
  • base,
  • stick with computer control.

They are vehicles very popular for getting around e.g. in America.

How does an electric skateboard work?

An electric skateboard is powered by energy from a battery. Models of this device have different battery capacities, which translates into the possibility of driving various distances.

The skateboard can be controlled by:

  • body balance,
  • remote control,
  • smartphone.

What to look for when buying a skateboard?

The purchase of an electric skateboard is associated with a minimum expenditure of several hundred gold. The higher the capacity of the battery, the more expensive the skateboard. When buying a skateboard, you should pay attention to:

  • battery capacity – the bigger the battery, the further you can go;
  • maximum speed – in the cheapest models the maximum speed achieved is a dozen kilometers per hour, the best electric skateboards on the market can reach a speed of up to 60 kilometers per hour;
  • maximum load – this parameter is very important for children. If your child will ride a skateboard to school, you should choose a skateboard with a higher maximum load – a student’s backpack is quite heavy;
  • wheel size – the size of the wheels translates into comfort and the ability to ride on different terrains. Basic models have small wheels, which allow you to ride only on a level surface – preferably asphalt. When choosing an off-road electric skateboard, it is worth noting that the tread of the wheels is very clear;
  • suspension height – the suspension should be higher in off-road skateboards;
  • power – the higher it is, the faster the skateboard will move;
  • charging time;
  • build quality and aesthetics;
  • price – the cheapest models can be purchased for a few hundred zlotys, and the most expensive cost even a few thousand.

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Benefits of electric skateboard

  • better motor coordination and body motor skills;
  • improved fitness;
  • ecological means of transport.

Additional accessories for an electric skateboard

A very helpful additional accessory is a skateboard case. It makes storing and transporting your electric skateboard easier. In addition to the case it is worth buying:

  • knee and elbow pads,
  • helmet.

Why to buy an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboard very quickly gained a large group of supporters among fans of technological innovations. Such a device is an ecological and practical means of transport for children and adults.

Great gadget, but is it safe?

Many people wonder whether this gadget is definitely safe. Every piece of equipment used improperly is dangerous, and the same is true about a skateboard. Riding an electric skateboard is more difficult than riding a regular skateboard. Therefore, if such a skateboard will be moved by a child, it is worth that the first few rides took place under the watchful eye of a parent.

The most popular models of electric skateboards

  1. Cavion Go rider 6.5
  2. Kawasaki Balance Scooter KX-PRO10.D
  3. Kawasaki KX-PRO6.5A
  4. Manta Smart Balance MSB001 6.5″
  5. Goboard Elegance 6,5″ Hip-Hop
  6. Skymaster Wheels Lark 7
  7. Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  8. Blaupunkt EHB206
  9. Spokey Rush
  10. Skymaster Skyshoes
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