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Where to go on a date?

Gdzie pójść na randkę?
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Cinema, walk, pool, theater, restaurant? Where to go on a date to spend time together that you will remember for a long time?

A perfect cinema for a date

Cinema is a great place to spend time together on a first date. Maybe for some it is not too original solution, but if the show is interesting, for sure your date will remain in your memory for a long time

Where to go on a date? To a restaurant!

At home or on the town – that is the question! Invite her/him to your place and prepare dinner for you by yourself. Even better is to cook together. It brings people together. For sure you will not be bored!


If the weather is favorable, go for a walk. A neutral place, such as a nearby beautiful park or a meadow, where you will have a picnic, will be a fantastic idea. Take care of the details – bring wine, glasses and food

A vantage point as a date spot

Do you know the city you live in very well? Do you know where there are charming and not so popular places in it? Enchant your chosen one with the surroundings and an unusual destination. Viewpoints, from which you can observe the whole city, are a great idea for a date. After all, the other person will always remember that it was you who took him/her to this place for the first time!


Are you fans of the same band? Great! Concert and music are absolutely wonderful circumstances to spend unforgettable time with someone who is important or at least interesting to you

Amusement park

Where to go on a date? An amusement park is a lot of fun even for an adult! It’s a great place to meet. Good fun is guaranteed! After playing together you can go for an ice cream

Do you like to spend your time actively?

Rollerblading, biking and other activities are everyday life for you? For the other person too? Perhaps this will turn out to be the perfect way for you to spend time together. If you’re both active people, then don’t hesitate – invite your chosen one for an outdoor date!

Ice rink/swimming pool for a date

First, feel the ground – does the other person like to spend time in this way? Will they be intimidated by being forced to go to a pool or ice rink for their first meeting with an almost stranger? If you know she isn’t, then invite her to these places. Active people love such encounters. The ice rink and pool are good places to spend time together


Are you the party types? Have you just met on one of your Saturday outings? Then go to a club! But let it be a club you haven’t been to yet. New places with new people are always more interesting! And you won’t risk meeting friends who might make you or your companion feel uncomfortable!

Take a car to the unknown

Go for a drive together to a place you don’t know. Have lunch there and spend some time together. If you both like spontaneous adventures, such a date will be perfect for you and will remain in your memory forever.

But most importantly…

Remember that it is not always the place where you will spend time together that is important. The most important thing is whether you will have fun in each other’s company. Don’t try to please someone by force and don’t do anything against yourself – if you don’t like cycling and the other person does, go ahead and tell them. Honesty at the initial stage of relationship building is fundamental. After all, you don’t want to spend all your time in a way that irritates, bores, tires you or simply doesn’t interest you.

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