How to effectively clean dusty windows after winter?

Winter is a difficult time of year for windows. Usually, we give up on cleaning and caring for them because of low temperatures and the possibility of catching a cold while cleaning them. 

There is also no denying that most of us simply do not like to perform this activity, which takes a lot of time and energy, and sometimes its effects are not satisfactory and streaks appear on the glass. How to clean windows from winter dirt efficiently and effectively? 

Get ready!

Window cleaning, like most activities, requires proper preparation. You need to be aware that the whole procedure won’t take a few minutes, so make time for it. Of course, it all depends on how many windows you have in your house or apartment. You also need to realize that in order to do it right, you will need the right tools. To make our windows shine after the winter weather, you will not just need a cloth. You will also need a liquid, both for cleaning the frames and the glass, a regular cleaning cloth and something to polish the glass. If you have one, you can also use a special window cleaner or squeegee, but you can do without that as well. For really tough dirt, especially on the windows, you can also use winter car washer fluid. If it works in the car, all the more reason to use it at home.

Once you get to work, prepare the work area. Remove the blinds, curtains and drapes. Remove any flowers and trinkets from the windowsill. Then clean the frames of dust and cobwebs with a dry cloth or broom. Start with the frames and then move on to the glass. Also, remember to clean your windows according to the principle of top to bottom, not the other way around. If you clean and polish the glass beforehand and only then start with the frames, all your efforts will be in vain because the glass will get splashed anyway. 

Choose the right day

Contrary to appearances, the best time for window cleaning is not sunny and hot days. Strongly shining sun and high temperatures cause the liquids used by us to evaporate much faster, which creates unsightly streaks that are difficult to remove later. We should also not start cleaning windows when there is a strong wind and frost. Firstly, we can simply catch a cold while doing it. Secondly, in low temperatures glass is much more delicate and we can unintentionally cause the glass to crack. When there is a strong wind, washing can lead to a drought, which can hurt us, damage window mechanisms or break the glass when hit hard. If you only have to deal with sunny days, you can adjust your window cleaning to the time of day: clean windows on the east side in the afternoon and those on the west side in the morning. 

It’s best to clean your windows on a cloudy day when the outside temperature ranges from 10℃ to about 20℃. 

What do I use to polish my windows? 

Special clothes available in the market will work well for polishing glass, but it is not an essential gadget. You can also use old tights, cotton shirts that are no longer suitable for wearing or tetanus diapers. Black and white newspapers also work great. If you want to keep it clean for a longer time, you can add a bit of fabric softener to the water, which will stop dust from settling on the windows again for a while. 

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