Washing powder or capsules – what to choose?

Proszek do prania czy kapsułki - co wybrać?
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Laundry is a seemingly simple task, but it is worth taking a closer look at it to take care of the condition of our clothes. You can choose between washing powders and capsules on the market. These are the most popular washing agents. Which of them is the best? What to choose? We suggest!

Washing powder – the traditional washing agent

Washing powders are the most popular and are constantly being improved by manufacturers to make them more effective. You can find cheaper or more expensive options on the market, for both white and colored clothes. Washing powder is certainly effective and will work for many fabrics. It can handle stains perfectly even in a short wash cycle.

Among the disadvantages of using washing powders may be the difficulty of dissolving in water. The lumps often linger in the feeder and also in the clothes. You also need to remember to measure your laundry powder properly so that you use the right amount.

Advantages and disadvantages of washing capsules

Laundry capsules have become very popular recently. Certainly, they are easy to use, just throw them in the drum, without measuring a specific amount of powder. However, it may happen that the film in which the laundry detergent is, does not fully dissolve. However, manufacturers are working on modern patents to make such events happen as rarely as possible. Capsules for laundry are therefore comfortable to use and effective. Due to the fact that they are thrown directly into the drum, residues do not linger in the feeder

However, it is worth considering their price – will the use of this solution be profitable? This is especially true for a small number of clothes, where you can simply use less washing powder. In the case of capsules, this is not possible.

On the market you will find capsules for white and coloured clothes, as well as special products with softener or stain remover. This saves a lot of money on further preparations.

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