Blueberry vs blueberry – what’s the difference?

The vacations are a time for picking juicy blueberries. This is the best time to learn the differences between blueberries and blueberries and which fruit is better to choose. Read the article and find out which is better!

In appearance, they differ only in size. Blueberries are noticeably larger than blueberries and a tad lighter in color. Although they are confusingly similar, we will point out the differences in taste without a second thought. They also have different nutritional properties and different uses in cooking

Similarities and differences

It is interesting to note that the true name of the berry is huckleberry, while blueberry is highbush blueberry. This is irrefutable proof that they are fruits from different species

We will notice the differences first of all in the shape of the fruit. The highbush blueberry is larger, not perfectly round in shape and has light-colored flesh inside. The berries are small, dark in color with purple flesh. It is the berries that make our hands, tongue, fingers or teeth stained after eating them. Thanks to the dark purple color, cakes with blueberries are striking

The small fruits of blueberries are sweet and sour in taste. Blueberries are a much sweeter fruit and are more readily chosen by kids

Pay close attention to what fruit you pick. The blueberry is confusingly similar to the wolfberry. You will recognize it by the fact that it grows on bushes 1.5 meters high. The fruit of the wolfberry is a little bigger than the blueberry and as poisonous as any part of the plant. Eating them in larger quantities can even lead to death! Every organ of the wolfberry is poisonous, but the greatest amount of poisonous substance is found in the roots and fruit. The fruit contains a high concentration of atropine, while the rest of the organ contains hyoscyamine.

Nutritional properties of blueberries and bilberries

Certainly, blueberries and bilberries are fruits worthy of attention. Blueberry fruits help to improve blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol, and have antibacterial effects. In addition, blueberries are rich in fiber, vitamin C, B, A and folic acid.

Blueberries are a source of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C and folic acid. It shows antibacterial activity and is used in the production of cosmetics.

Use of fruits in cooking

Thanks to their various flavors, fruits are used to create different dishes. Berries are most often used to make pierogies, pasta with cheese and berries, yeast-raised blueberries or cakes. Cold cakes with berries or regular yeast cake with berry jam are just some of the famous dishes popular in Polish cuisine

Berries are a great fruit for making preserves. Blueberry jams can stand in the pantry for several years, and their taste will certainly not disappoint you

Blueberries will be a perfect ingredient for a cheese tart or pudding. They will work well as an addition to pancakes, a snack for children or a cake decoration. You can successfully use both fruits to make compotes or liqueurs. What is more, while eating blueberries, you can be sure that your clothes will be clean. Unlike blueberries, stains from blueberries wash off much more easily.

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