Frozen fruits – what to prepare from them?

Mrożone owoce - co z nich można przygotować?
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Frozen fruits remind us of summer days and flavors, especially when the temperature outside the window drops rapidly. You can use them for many interesting desserts, but not only. What to do with frozen fruit? We suggest!

What to prepare with frozen fruit?

Before you start preparing any dishes or desserts with frozen fruit, lay them out beforehand to warm up and defrost. Thanks to that e.g. dessert will not be a scone. Well, unless that’s what you want!

Some ideas for using frozen fruit:

  • fruit cocktail (here you can use them even deep-frozen) – together with yoghurt or milk, you can spice it up with fresh mint,
  • shortcake with fruit and egg whites,
  • tart,
  • yogurt cake with crumble,
  • a quick dessert in a cup – for example with crumbled cookies and whipped cream.

You can also eat frozen fruit straight from the freezer as… ice cream. It is worth blending them beforehand and pouring into e.g. plastic cups or special containers intended for storing in low temperature. You can also store fruits in bags. It is enough to wash and sort them beforehand.

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