How to defrost meat quickly?

Jak szybko odmrozić mięso?
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It is a good idea to freeze excess unused meat so that it can be reused rather than written off. The problem may be how to prepare it quickly for further cooking. How to defrost meat? There are several ways!

Step by step meat thawing

Remember that when you put meat in the freezer, it should already be cut into portions. Otherwise, it may be very difficult to separate one slice of pork loin from another or chicken fillet into smaller portions.

It is common to lay the meat out on the counter to simply come to room temperature. This is not a good practice because if raw meat stays too long in a warm room, it can cause bacteria to grow. If you use this method, monitor the meat and put it in the refrigerator when the time is right.

To defrost meat quickly, you can immerse it in water. However, remember to change the water every half an hour. The water must be cold.

The best way is to put the meat straight from the freezer into the fridge. However, this method is quite slow, so it is better to plan it in advance. Such meat may take several hours to defrost.

Also, meat must not be refrozen, so after defrosting, you have to subject it to heat treatment.

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