DIY: Shelf on a string – how to make it?

DIY: Półka na sznurku - jak ją zrobić?
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If you love DIY and you have a lot of fun creating something from scratch, then this article is for you. We present an idea of making a shelf on a string.

Natural materials

Rustic style has become a permanent feature in the interiors of many people. Natural materials such as wood, jute and string are very popular in the art of decoration and furniture. They are used to create beautiful swings, armchairs, but also shelves. Unfortunately, furniture made from natural materials can be very expensive. Today we present an idea for a shelf on a string of DIY. Even an inexperienced DIYer can handle this project.

Shopping list, or what you need to get

To make a beautiful shelf on a string from our project, you need to have:

  • wooden boards (the number of boards you need to prepare will depend on whether you want a double or single shelf),
  • jute rope (preferably thickly woven),
  • a sturdy hook for hanging the shelf,
  • tools: hammer, drill with drill bit.

As you can see, the “shopping list” is not complicated, all these things you can easily find in a craft store or an ordinary construction store. Of course, jute twine can be replaced by any other thick twine, the decision is yours.

You may or may not want to paint the wooden boards any color you like. Then you need to add sandpaper to your shopping list to thoroughly sand and clean the boards before painting and a stain remover to paint your boards. Now that you know what you need, let’s get to work!

The string shelf – first steps

If you decide to paint your boards, the first thing you need to do is use sandpaper. Put on some gloves and start dulling the boards (this way you can avoid future paint runs and splatters)

Now it is time to paint, apply one coat of stain, and after several minutes apply a second coat. If another coat is needed, wait another couple of minutes and repeat the process. Remember that the boards must be completely dry before you can proceed to the next step of making the shelf!

The actual project part

If you don’t plan on painting your boards, these will be the first steps for you. You need to start by deciding on the dimensions of your shelf. It is best to buy boards that are already in the dimension you want. You should know that many home improvement stores can cut the materials to the dimension you have come up with for free. It is worth using this service if you are not experienced with a saw – your fingers will still come in handy in the next stages of the project!

Let’s say you have the boards ready, now it’s time to drill holes in the corners. The holes should be large enough for the string to pass through. If you are not experienced with a drill, ask for help

Thread the string through the holes in the boards. You can tape the ends together to make it easier to pull the string through if there are threads coming out of the end that would impede the process. Remember to tie a knot under the top shelf so it doesn’t fall on the bottom shelf. Then pull the string through the bottom board, leave a little more and also tie a strong knot under it so that the wood is stable. The shelf is almost ready

Now it’s time to attach it to the wall or ceiling. A shelf on a string attached to the ceiling and hanging freely will certainly be more stable and will hold better. However, not every surface is suitable for this. Attach a hook to the wall or ceiling and hang the shelf on it. Done! Remember not to put very heavy objects on the shelf.

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