How to hang a mirror without drilling? We have a way!

How to hang a mirror without drilling? We have a way!
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Hanging a beautiful mirror in a hallway or bathroom doesn’t necessarily require drilling holes in the wall. There are less drastic ways – but you need to make sure that the object does not fall under its own weight. How to do it? We suggest.

Why is drilling into the wall problematic?

Drilling into the wall can cause us a whole range of problems. From the need to have the right equipment, through the knowledge of the material of the wall, to the dust caused by drilling. What is worth remembering?

Not having the right tools

Not every drill will work well with certain types of walls. In the case of particularly hard materials, such as silicate or concrete, you need a drill with a pneumatic impact, because a regular one will not cope. It is also necessary to choose the right drill bits, which generates costs and takes time.

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In what will we have to drill?

In addition to hard concrete or silicate, we can of course find more friendly substrates – for example, aerated concrete or wood. But if we have a wall made of gypsum cardboard or made of OSB, then there will also be a problem of stable fixing the pegs, on which we hang the mirror. You also have to be especially careful when it comes to drilling into a wall covered with tiles, so as not to cause cracks.

Cleanliness and saving time

Remember that drilling into the wall also means quite a lot of dust and dirt, which you will have to remove. It is best to cover all the equipment with foil beforehand. However, remember that noise is also a specific pollutant – so do not plan to drill when it is quiet at night. In any case, the traditional way of hanging a mirror requires us to devote a lot of our own time.

What to watch out for when hanging a mirror without drilling?

Regardless of what materials we come to use, we should pay attention to:

  • maximum load capacity – a mirror is a heavy object. Its fall and breakage can be dangerous. So before hanging it, you need to make sure about the load capacity of the attachment method;
  • bondingtime – after what time is the mount finally ready and able to suspend the mirror?
  • how to prepare the substrate – is it enough to clean it or is it necessary, for example, to degrease the surface?
  • moisture resistance – is a given method suitable for fixing mirrors in bathrooms with high humidity?

Basic ways to hang the mirror without drilling

How to hang a mirror on the wall without drilling? Here are popular ways:

Using glue

Bonding is popular because of its simplicity. However, in this case too, proper attention to detail is required.

First, we need to clean and level the substrate. This is the absolute basis for the adhesive to have the right adhesion. For this reason, the surface must also be stable – otherwise we will be threatened that the mirror will fall off, for example, with a fragment of plaster

Although you can easily imagine fixing the mirror with one of the adhesives general purpose, it is strongly recommended to reach for specialized products designed for fixing.

For the tape

Another item that can allow us to mount the mirror without unnecessary drilling holes in the wall, is double-sided mounting tape. Due to the nature of the task, it is necessary to purchase just double-sided tape.

In this case, there is often a concern that such a product will not be able to hold the mirror or will let go over time. For this reason, it is recommended to use mounting tape from recognized brands.

Clips with glue

You can also bet on ready-made clips with glue, which are attached to a dust-free and stable surface. However, this solution is used rather in the case of lighter objects. Therefore, the weight of the mirror we want to hang is important

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