How to hang a TV? Step by step guide

How to hang a TV? Step by step guide
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For many people, home relaxation is associated with watching movies or television. It is worth to have it in a comfortable atmosphere – the receiver needs to be properly exposed. Where to hang it and what type of installation should be used? We suggest

Ways of displaying a TV set

A television set situated in a visible place of e.g. a living room, can be exposed in many different ways. The most classic way is to place it on a TV cabinet. We have a whole range of styles for this type of furniture – you may choose from loft, modern or even rustic cabinets. Alternatively, you can build the receiver into the furniture or hang it on the wall.

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A TV on the wall – modernity and space saving

Flat screen televisions have not only greatly changed the look of our living rooms, but also contributed to a change in the place of their display. More and more often it happens that we find a place for them on the wall. Thanks to that the interior looks very modern, but it is not the only advantage

Placing the receiver in a visible place on the wall helps to save space for other uses. This is very valuable especially where the living room or bedroom is not very large.

How to hang the TV on the wall? Types of brackets

A lot depends on what kind of bracket our TV model is equipped with or what kind we bought for it. Here are the most important types:

  • non-adjustable bracket – versatile and easy to use, but contributes to poor adjustability;
  • vertically adjustable mount – it allows you to change the angle downwards;
  • a swivel mount – it is large and thus visible but gives great possibilities. We can set the TV in any position in terms of vertical and horizontal;
  • tV bracket – permanently mounted to our TV model. Sometimes it is built into the base of the TV set. What does the customer gain thanks to such a solution? It significantly reduces the time and difficulty of installation.

Before you start with the wall mounting of the TV

It is worth remembering that the choice of the place to mount the TV on the wall is important for at least three reasons

  1. Aesthetics: it undoubtedly matters that the device looks great in such a space. It is very popular to place it on an extremely decorative wall. It can be decorated with stone, brick or concrete slabs, with or without the addition of greenery

However, it is not worth placing the receiver in the vicinity of paintings and other ornaments, which not only will not necessarily match it, but may also distract too much attention.

  1. Functionality: it must be a place that will allow you to easily watch the TV from different areas of the room. It is also worth choosing such a position where the sunlight will not be too much of a problem at a given time of the day, or investing in efficient blinds.
  1. Stability: The wall on which you hang the TV should provide a good support for the device. The support should be solid, so a plasterboard wall will not do. We recommend partition walls.

Step by step TV installation

Having a suitable place and a chosen mount, we proceed to the proper installation of a flat screen TV on the wall. The receiver should be placed in the line of sight. The place should be precisely marked on the wall as a central point. It is to this point that we later apply the mount in order to check whether it fits well.

Proper alignment of the mount is possible by using a spirit level – only after checking if it is even, we can mark places for mounting holes. Further work requires us to use a drill and dowels.

The mounting kit should include appropriately sized screws and washers. It is on them that we will hang the TV, which also needs to be screwed. It is important to check whether the whole thing is stable and holds well. However, this should be done with the assistance of another person who, in the case of not quite good enough fixing, will assist us and save the equipment from falling.

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