Ways to protect your home against heat loss

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The weather still does not spoil, and unfortunately, often the supply of district heating is already limited or completely turned off. In such a situation it often turns out that the apartment is simply cold and we have to resort to looking for ways to warm ourselves on our own. Heating the apartment with a gas stove or an electric oven can prove to be expensive and short-lived. So how to protect your home against heat loss? We suggest!

Tightness is essential!

The most common cause of heat loss in a house or apartment is the leakiness of windows or doors. The heat escapes through even the smallest break at the window, which makes you not only cold but also pay unnecessarily high heating bills . If you feel that your apartment cannot be heated effectively and cold air is getting inside somewhere near the window, make sure that all seals adhere tightly to the window. If not, you have found a probable reason for the chill in the apartment. You don’t have to call a specialist right away, you can easily replace the seal yourself. You don’t even need tools for this, usually just washing-up liquid and scissors for possible cutting of a new seal

It is also possible that the cause is a damaged or ill-fitting door. It is always a good idea to invest in a good, tight and perfectly fitting exterior door. While you can sometimes turn a blind eye to minor defects in interior doors, it is better not to save on the front door. Their high quality is a guarantee of safety and protection from the cold.

Avoid draughts

As you know, a draught is a quick way to lose most of the long-accumulated heat. A momentary gust of a strong draught is enough to make the apartment get cold again. How to prevent it? The way to deal with constant draughts may be installation of a door closer. This small addition to your front door and your interior door will solve the problem of your door always being open and causing frequent drafts. Of course, you can avoid drafts by simply closing the door manually after every time you leave the room and the house

Sometimes, however, when bringing in large purchases or bringing a bicycle or stroller into the apartment, busy hands prevent the door from closing immediately, which makes the apartment cool down for a few tens of seconds longer

Care of windows and seals

To avoid having to deal with leaking doors and windows, you can simply take care of them and keep the glass, frames and seals from getting damaged. The basis of care is regular cleaning and washing. To clean windows and door frames, especially from the outside, the best solution is not window cleaner, but windscreen cleaner! This is a much cheaper and more effective alternative. Car window cleaner will deal with even the toughest dirt, such as dried-on insects and bird droppings

A common cause of damage to gaskets is parts falling between the frame and the gasket. Small stones, twigs, leaves – all this can cause the windows to leak. You can avoid this by regularly vacuuming the space between the frame and the window sash

Finally, the seals themselves should be washed gently with water and washing up liquid. In winter, after washing the window, remember to dry the seal and the space between the window and the frame very carefully so that the water does not freeze and damage the window elements

Heat in the apartment is the basis for comfort of staying in it. So that it is not replaced in the room by a freezing gust, take care of your doors and windows today.

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