5 plants to grow at home

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Plants are a beautiful decoration of the interior, provide aesthetic impressions, and improve air quality. Properly chosen plants can improve the comfort of sleep as well as have a relaxing and positive influence on the well-being of household members. Read which plants are an effective decorative element of your home

If we take good care of plants, they will thank us with fast growth, beautiful appearance and better air quality in the apartment. It is worth remembering that some potted plants can also increase humidity and show the ability to absorb harmful chemicals from the room. By surrounding yourself with greenery, you invite nature into your home and learn mindfulness. Growing plants as a new hobby can become an excuse to talk and share experiences with many people. When choosing plants for your home, make sure they are safe for young children and pets you own.

1. Monstery

Monstera is an easy plant to grow and still very fashionable. Its advantage is fast growth and the fact that it is well suited to shady apartments. This species is known for its low stand and cultivation requirements. It is important to keep hollow monsters at a distance of two or three meters from the window. Monsters have vigorous growing vines, so be sure to provide them with a sturdy support to climb on. Beautiful specimens of collectible plants, both popular species and market novelties, offer Flora Point.

2. Philodendrons

Philodendron is an unusual plant that brings a jungle atmosphere indoors. Philodendrons can be uniformly green or colorful. It is worth knowing that this type of plant is one of the most popular among collectors. There are thousands of varieties, hybrids, and botanical specimens available on the market that occur naturally in nature.

Despite their exotic origin, philodendrons do not require any special treatment. The species grown in pots need moderate light, warmth and high humidity.

3. Anthurium

Anthuriums delight floral enthusiasts with their decorative flowers. This genus includes popular species as well as collector’s rarities. Anthuriums can bloom indoors continuously throughout the year. They are very effective in purifying the air of formaldehyde, ammonia and xylene, among others.

4. Aloçasias

Alocasias are unique – not only because of their gorgeous foliage, but also because they purify the air. This species likes diffused light and warmth, temperatures above 18 degrees Celsius will be best for it. Be sure to protect this type of plant from wind, heavy rain and direct sun. It is best to water alocasia with soft water. The plant stores water in its leaves, so it is sufficient to water it once a week, although sometimes alocasias with thinner leaves may require more regularity.

It is a good idea to equip the plant with a slightly larger pot to ensure circulation. Also remember to keep the substrate from drying out.

5. Maranthas

Marantas are decorative plants that are relatively easy to grow and safe for pets. It will work great for people who are just trying their hand at gardening. Please note that this species does not like direct exposure to sunlight – it prefers a position with diffused and moderate light

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