Bookcase – the perfect piece of furniture to separate spaces in a studio apartment

Regał – idealny mebel do oddzielenia przestrzeni w kawalerce
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A studio apartment is usually a small apartment with at least two people living in it. Everyone wants to keep their privacy and wants a place just for themselves. It may seem that organizing such a space is impossible, but there are interior design tricks, thanks to which a small studio apartment can become more spacious. Find out what you should pay attention to when decorating such an apartment, as well as which bookcases are best to choose

Allotment bookcase for a studio apartment – why should you choose it?

Dividing a bedroom or separating the kitchen from the living room in a studio apartment is not as difficult as it may seem. It is enough to buy furniture, which is functional and allows you to manage the space in a practical and thoughtful way. For small rooms, an allotment bookcase, which can be purchased at very attractive prices, will be perfect. This is a bookcase, which does not have a back panel and is open on two sides. This allows you to place private items or decorative accessories on it. A great choice are bookcases that are equipped with drawers on two sides. This kind of bookcase is perfect for bedrooms where two people live and want to separate from each other to have more privacy and feel more at ease

A double-sided bookcase – a simple way to divide space in a studio apartment

Double-sided bookcases are also recommended for a studio apartment. They perform a similar function to allotment furniture. Double-sided furniture usually consists of several squares made of laminated board or MFD. They are inexpensive furniture and can be set up in any configuration. The squares can be stacked on top of each other to create furniture of any shape. Thus, you can adjust the furniture to your liking and also to the size of the room

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This gives you a lot of freedom, and what’s more, it is a cost-effective solution, because you can choose as many squares as your budget allows, and then buy more if necessary. A double-sided bookcase can be placed in the middle of the bedroom so that each roommate has enough space for themselves. This bookcase will also work great in the kitchen or living room. Thanks to such furniture you can create a cozy interior, which seems more spacious

How to optically enlarge the room in a studio apartment?

Living in a small studio, it is worth knowing that there are simple ways to optically enlarge such a room. Small interiors are best painted in bright colors. White paints work perfectly. They optically enlarge the interior and are quite cheap. However the color of walls is not everything. It is also worth investing in mirrors. They also optically enlarge the interior. It is best to put roller blinds on windows and resign from curtains. Recommended are also hanging furniture, which can be hung on the wall. Thanks to this you will gain additional space to store private things

How to use space in a studio apartment?

In small rooms, it is better to keep minimalism. Their more things are on top, the worse. It will give the impression of chaos. It is worth to hide everything in small boxes or drawers. Colors of furniture and accessories also count. Everything should harmonize perfectly with each other. It is better to resign from unnecessary gadgets, which will only take up space. Invest in accessories – scented candles are a great idea. They do not take up much space, but they add cosiness to the room

As you can see, decorating a bedsit is not that difficult. All you need to do is follow the above mentioned tips and your studio will be spacious and cozy

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