How to arrange a studio in the attic?

Jak urządzić kawalerkę na poddaszu?
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A sloping roof can provide security, a sense of comfort and coziness and have a very specific charm. However, to make an attic apartment look spacious, trendy and modern, it is necessary to follow certain design and furnishing guidelines.

Use the space ingeniously

For anyone who can afford it, an alternative is to have the cabinets, bookcases and closets customized by a carpenter. This is a way to ensure that they fit perfectly under the drop, making use of every inch of available space. Also, built-in furniture should be in bright colors. Sliding doors work best for closets. Anyone with a duplex apartment can make use of the empty space under the stairs, offering space for shoe cabinets and coat racks

For a coffee table, it may make sense to choose a model with built-in drawers that offer space for candles, napkins, tableware and even cutlery. Stools with hidden storage under the seating surface offer the same benefit of extra storage. And storage pieces under the bed are the perfect way to store linens and blankets.

In the kitchen, additional shelves can be installed between the countertop and upper cabinets. However, use them infrequently or your kitchen may look cluttered. If there is enough space, shelves can be built into the wall just below the window, creating a window sill.

For loft apartments, the right choice of colors is crucial.

White makes any room seem larger and more spacious. On the other hand, dark colors can make a room seem overwhelming and unnecessarily gloomy. In addition to white, pastel colors such as light blue, cream, fawn, gray, rose or yellow are also suitable. For variety and contrast, it’s a good idea to paint one wall a different color and the rest white. The room becomes more vibrant and less boring. Wallpapers with spreading or irregular patterns – whether in floral patterns or stripes – should be abandoned altogether.

Furniture, on the other hand, can be a bright color. A red sofa in a room that is otherwise mostly white creates a very interesting contrast. One more red decorative element will enhance the effect. Colors should be used to highlight and accentuate. The roof beams, if visible, can serve as inspiration for the color scheme, with other furniture taking on the same shade. For example, it is worth using woodgrain tiles.


In a loft apartment, in addition to the right choice of color, it is also necessary to have the right lighting. Indirect lighting is preferred, excluding hanging lamps, because they reduce the room and create dark corners. Where possible, install two layers of lighting to enhance the illusion of depth. Another option is to create different “lighting islands”. The dining room, workspace and living room – especially in an open plan apartment – can be accented with their own lighting, adding a homely and cozy atmosphere. You can also purchase bright blinds for your skylights.

Arrange furniture wisely

Huge, dark mahogany furniture – no matter how beautiful – is not suitable for an attic apartment. The same goes for huge wall units. The ceiling itself should be free of decorations. Low tables, sideboards, chests of drawers or delicate sofas optically enlarge the room. Low or semi-high shelving units are the ideal choice, as they will fit under a sloping roof – for example, shelves in the modular system, individually foldable – as well as cubic elements for stacking with diagonal sides, will allow optimal use of storage space.

As a rule, furniture that offers storage space should be located under a slope. Sofas, armchairs and dining tables should occupy the center of the room. One thing to avoid is overcrowding the room, which can make you feel overwhelmed. Partitions can be helpful if you have a large open space, but they should also be lightweight – more specifically, frosted glass and openwork screens would be the right choice. Mirrors are another way to make a room look bigger. There are various classic types of mirror tiles available, which are perfect for built-in partitions.

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