How to make a functional apartment from a small studio?

Jak z małej kawalerki zrobić funkcjonalne mieszkanie?
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Many of us struggle with a small living space, but even it can be turned into a practical, yet intimate place. Furnishing and decorating a bedsit is all about playing with illusion and visual augmentation using mirrors and light, for example.

First of all – cleaning

Tidy and clean space is much easier to manage. Moreover, rooms are fresher, which makes it easier for us to think and breathe. This is especially important due to the size of a studio apartment, where you can’t just throw clothes and other things into another room. If you remember to clean regularly, it will take you much less time. Adapt to the season, i.e. if warmer days are approaching, go through your closet and stash away what you won’t need at that time. Invest in vacuum bags, covers and plastic bins to keep everything organized and dust-free between seasons. Often some beds, such as Forte beds, are equipped with drawers, which will provide you with additional storage space for clothes, bedding and many other things.

If furniture, then not just any furniture

Not all furniture fits into small spaces. There are some on the market which are intended for, for example, the small studio discussed by us. Arranging such a space, your friend will be multifunctional equipment, such as practical furniture Forte. In addition to comfort, the sofa must be easily unfolded, it should also have a container for bedding. After all, in the morning the space where you sleep must quickly turn into a living room

Tables on wheels are a great option here because you can move them effortlessly if needed, or nesting tables that also take up little space. Replace the armchair with a pouffe, which should also be on wheels and have extra storage.


Light can change a lot. Bright interiors seem visually larger, so lighting should be your priority. First of all, do not cover your windows with dark curtains. It will be best if you paint window recesses white, which will make sun rays reflect from them more intensively

Bet on light colors of walls – classic white with a proper arrangement will not turn a studio into a sterile laboratory. Bathrooms are often covered with tiles, but on the market you can find specialized paints that will allow you to paint them. In addition, the space will enlarge mirrors, and those nicely framed will further decorate the space. This is an element that will not only optically enlarge the space, but will also reflect light, this will further enhance the illusion

Lighting over the kitchen counter will help you prepare meals without turning on the main lights, and a lamp by the desk will allow you to work when the other person would like to go to bed. Place a floor lamp by the sofa, which will emit a warm light, giving relief to tired eyes. A possible dining area will be well accented by a light hanging directly over the table.


It’s time to decorate your home, which doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Once you’ve decided on the accessories to decorate your bachelor pad, focus on large forms rather than small details to avoid unnecessary clutter. The sofa can be covered with a bedspread in light shades, replace heavy curtains with light and see-through ones. Decorate the walls with pictures and posters, preferably ones that reflect your interests and passions. Plants are an indispensable element. Green accents will be like a breath of clean, fresh air.

A practical studio is still a home

Remember that functionality should not exclude the atmosphere of home, so do not look for practical solutions at all costs. This is a place that should make you happy, give you a sense of security and meet your needs. Introduce your favorite colors into the apartment in the form of bedding, blankets, tablecloths, pillows or elements such as books or photographs.

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