What to look for when buying a printer?

Na co zwrócić uwagę przy zakupie drukarki?
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Buying a printer that suits our needs is often a challenge. In stores you can find a lot of different models of this device. What parameters should you pay attention to when buying a printer?

Is the brand of the printer so important?

It is worth choosing proven brands of printers. Devices made by “no name” companies are cheap but their operation may be very short and breakdowns may occur. Before buying a printer, it is worth checking the reviews of the chosen model on the Internet. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises associated with its operation.

The most popular manufacturers of printers are:

  • Brother – produces printers from the lower and medium price range, these are mainly inkjet printers and a few laser models,
  • Canon – a brand associated mainly with digital cameras but it is also a manufacturer of excellent photo printers. This brand also offers printers intended only for home use,
  • HP – the most popular brand of printers, some models from this company can be purchased at a very good price. The quality of devices from this brand is very high, but the drivers for mobile devices are underdeveloped – very often there is a problem with connecting the printer with a mobile device such as a phone.
  • Epson – a dominant brand among inkjet printers. EcoTank series printers are one of the most economical devices available on the market. Unfortunately, the price of these printers is quite high.

11 tips on what to look for when buying a printer

1. Brand

Many people, when buying a printer, choose only devices from well-known brands. They usually have a good reputation among users.

2. Type of printer

There are laser and inkjet printers available in stores. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Both types of printers are designed for home and office use.

3. Print resolution

The higher the resolution of the model, the better. Good quality printing can be achieved as low as 1400 dpi.

4. Head type

There are two types of print heads in inkjet printers:

  • thermal – is cheaper,
  • piezoelectric – more durable and precise.

5. Duplex

Automatic double-sided printing, which saves on paper costs.

6. Size and type of printed sheets

Before buying, it is worth considering what size of sheets will be printed.

7. Print speed

Higher print speeds are available from laser printers. The option of fast printing is essential in offices.

8. Cost per print

It is worth calculating the cost of ink replacement. In inkjet printers, the cost is much higher because the ink often dries.

9. Connectivity

A very popular solution is connecting to a computer via a USB cable. In some printer models you can connect to your computer using:

  • Wi-fi Direct,
  • Bluetooth.

9. Memory card

A memory card is very useful if there is a need to print a large number of photos or documents stored on the media.

10. Print quality

Print quality is extremely important when printing photographs.

11. Ease of use

The more intuitive the device is to use, the better. Therefore, you should choose a printer that is easy to use.

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