Which desk chair to choose?

Jaki fotel do biurka wybrać?
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We spend more and more time in front of the computer, especially working remotely, but also in our free time. That is why choosing the right chair for the desk at our home work or entertainment station is extremely important

Sitting for many hours puts a lot of strain on the spine, so we should take care to choose a chair which, thanks to its comfort and appropriate profiling, will help us maintain the right posture.

Why is a comfortable desk chair so important?

Keeping a sitting position for a long time is tiring for the body and has no positive influence on it. An uncomfortable position, at which we spend many hours, can cause such ailments as: back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, general lowering of mood, problems with blood circulation in the limbs and in the long run even curvature of the spine. In order to ensure comfort – and thus health – it is worth thinking in advance about the right desk chair, which will help minimize possible ailments and increase our comfort


A particularly important element of the armchair is the backrest

When choosing a chair, we should first of all pay attention to its backrest, which should be properly profiled. The shape of the backrest should correspond to the anatomical position of the spine

– in particular support for the lumbar region and support for the back at least from the level of the shoulder blades. However, it is best if the chair is also equipped with a headrest to support the neck section of the spine

Seat of the chair

Another very important element, when it comes to comfort and ergonomics, is the seat. Our future armchair should not have a hard and thin seat, but it also cannot be too soft. Such soft seats tire the spine and cause back pain. Its size is also important – it must be spacious enough for us to feel comfortable. The optimum seat depth should provide support from ⅔ to ¾ of the thigh length. The seat should also have a slightly contoured shape – it is good if the front part of the seat slightly slopes downwards to avoid pressure on the thighs. The additional possibility of adjusting the depth of the seat will enable us to better adapt its form to the dimensions of our body.

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An important part of the chair are the armrests, which provide significant comfort while working. They help keep your wrists in the right position and also relieve strain on your spine. When choosing an armchair, consider its height and how tall you want to be. They should also not be too wide. It is best if the armrests are adjustable in height.

The base of the chair

The height adjustment function is particularly important here as it allows you to adjust the height of the chair to your own height. Most office chairs have a base with five castor legs. If our room has parquet or laminate floors and we’re afraid of scratches, we can bet on a version of the armchair with rubber wheels. You can also find models without wheels on a sufficiently stable base

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No less important element is the material from which the armchair is made. Usually we can choose from leather – natural or ecological – fabric, mesh and plastic. The material is best chosen according to your individual needs, because in this case there is no single best choice – everyone will pay attention to something different here. Leather and plastic allow you to easily keep the chair clean. However, they make it difficult to dissipate heat and contribute to higher body temperature while working. Seats made of fabric have better ventilation, but unfortunately they are harder to keep clean. An exceptionally breathable material is mesh, which is used to cover the back and seat of some models – but this is a material that is equally difficult to clean.

The right posture

A comfortable and well-chosen chair should help our body maintain proper posture while sitting at a desk. Here is a quick reminder of what the correct posture looks like:

  • we should bring the chair close enough to the desk and position it so that we sit upright;
  • your back should be supported comfortably, and your head should not be bent forward or backward; if your chair has a headrest, you should adjust it so that your head is in a natural position;
  • your knees should be bent 90°, feet should be supported on the floor (it is important that they do not hang in the air);
  • the elbows should be placed on the armrests, and the armrests should be at desk height.
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