Shades of green on the wall – inspiration

Odcienie zieleni na ścianie - inspiracje
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Do you want to change your interior? Think about greenery – this color is able to give the room a fresh feel and create a relaxing atmosphere. Here are some inspiring arrangements with greenery on the walls.

Bottle green is a particularly fashionable shade of green, and it is becoming increasingly popular as the primary color on the walls of a room. In addition to this shade, there are many other possibilities for using green in interiors. Here are some particularly attractive green arrangements.

Bottle green in interiors

Starting with the aforementioned, insanely fashionable bottle green, here are some arrangements using it as a primary color, as well as an additional wall decorative element.

In case of using bottle green as a main color on walls, it is good to brighten up the interior a bit with contrasting furniture and accessories. Contrasting, in this case – bright, like light grey or light beige sofas and armchairs, curtains in white, ecru or beige colors and brightening accessories.

Bottle green goes well with beige and light wood tones. Gold-colored accessories will also help to brighten up such interior and create a spectacular composition with a touch of luxury.

Here an example of using bottle green as a wall element. Then it performs a decorative function, giving the interior elegance and unique style.

Walls in the color of green tea

Interiors painted with the shade of green tea gain a unique, romantic atmosphere. This color gives the interior lightness and delicacy. With proper selection of accessories we are able to create a unique atmosphere in such interior.

This shade of green matches perfectly with white and light colors, such as beige, ecru or cream.

Tea green shade will be a great choice for a bedroom – this color has a calming and relaxing effect. So it is ideal for a room designed for relaxation.

Spring grass shade

Another interesting shade of green, which looks great in interiors, is the color of spring grass. This is a medium green with calm tones, which will be perfect for both the living room and the bedroom.

Avocado green

Among the dark shades of green besides bottle green, avocado green is also an attractive option. This is a deep and quite heavy color that will give the room a special class and unique style. When choosing such a color, it will be good to add elements in gold, light wood and white.

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