How do you start saving money?

Jak zacząć oszczędzać pieniądze?
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Would you like to have more money in your account? Do you want to go on vacation or maybe you have other dreams? Do you think that saving money is difficult and complicated? Then take a look at our guide and find out that saving money can become a simple ritual that you get so used to that you won’t even notice when you have a large sum in your account. Learn what it takes to do this.

Find a goal that you want to save for

Many people have a problem with saving. Starting to put money into a savings account is not difficult, but sticking to it is. There can be many reasons for this, but one of the most common is simply a lack of purpose. If you want to save simply to have more money, it will unfortunately be harder to motivate yourself to put away a certain amount on a regular basis. This is why finding your specific goal is so important. In the beginning, you can decide on something small. It could be a dream book series or a trip to the spa. Then you can start setting bigger and bigger goals, such as a new car or a week-long vacation abroad.

Take small steps

Throwing yourself into the deep end at the very beginning of your saving adventure can make you lose the will and feel that it is too difficult for you. So, don’t start with a cosmic amount that is not achievable for you in six months or a year. If you want to be motivated to put money away, it is imperative to challenge yourself with a goal that you can afford and can achieve in a few months. Over time, you can move on to something bigger until you have raised the amount for your wedding or your dream trip around the world.

Choose the amount you put away

Don’t just throw down a random amount. Think carefully about how much you want to put away and how much you want to save over a period of time. It all depends on how much you earn, and how much of your salary goes towards daily living fees. Estimate how much you are able to put away each month, which will make it easier for you to stick to your resolution. At first, you may not think it’s possible because you haven’t saved anything. However, with your goal in mind, you will stop spending money on things you don’t really need. You will start paying more attention to what you put in your shopping cart and how much it costs. Before you buy the next gadget for your car or the next expensive cosmetics, you will think about whether you really need it

Decide how often you want to set aside an amount

It’s a good idea to determine how often you want to put money away and the amount you want to put into your savings account. There are three options that work best for you. The first is to deposit a smaller amount into the account each day. This could be ten or forty zlotys

In this way you can save from seventy to two hundred and eighty zloty per week. The second option is to deposit an amount into your account once a week. This can be seventy or two hundred and eighty zloty. The third way is to put aside a large amount in the account once a month. By putting away one thousand zloty a month, you can save twelve thousand zloty a year. This is a really large amount of money that you can use to fulfill your dreams.

Choose a convenient option for saving

It is also worth determining how you want to put money away. It is possible to open a savings account in the bank, but it is worth knowing that some institutions reserve the determination of the time for which you can not withdraw this money. Of course, during this time, the money in the account earns itself, but if in an emergency you need to withdraw all the money, then, unfortunately, everything that you have saved through interest will be taken away. Some people choose to withdraw a certain amount from the bank and put it away in a piggy bank. This keeps the money out of your account, but you always have it on hand just in case.

Which way you choose to save depends mainly on your abilities and preferences. It all depends on what your goal is and how much you are able to put aside from your paycheck. However, it is worth remembering that everyone can save money, regardless of how much they earn.

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