How to fall asleep quickly? 6 ways

Sleep disorders are a common problem associated with living on the run or eating irrationally. You can often solve the problem by changing old habits. Find out how to do it!

To function properly, your body needs eight hours of sleep. During sleep, muscle and tissue regeneration occurs. In addition, taking care of the quality and quantity of sleep contributes to improved memory skills and lower stress levels

Why can’t you fall asleep?

Each of us has had a night before an important exam. However, this does not mean that we are already dealing with insomnia. The problem starts to arise when you have had trouble sleeping for the past few weeks. This is a clear sign to take action

Difficulty sleeping is due to the amount of stress you experience during the day. Insomnia is often the first sign of a serious medical condition, such as depression or neurosis. Older adults may have trouble falling asleep, which is due to a reduction in melatonin secretion.

Falling asleep in a short period of time is not a ready recipe for sleep. You need at least 7 hours of sleep for your brain to rest and your muscles to recover. The amount of sleep you need depends on the age you are. There is a reason why newborns and infants sleep almost all the time, only waking up to eat something.

Travelers are certainly familiar with sleep problems. Changing time zones, jet lag or a sudden change in work mode all take their toll on your biological clock

How to fall asleep quickly? Advice from

Each of us would like to know the golden recipe for falling asleep quickly. If you listen to your body, you will certainly restore the correct rhythm of your biological clock.

If you follow these rules, you will fall asleep much more soundly and you will fall asleep more easily.

  1. Try to fall asleep at the same time every day. By keeping a regular bedtime routine, you’ll help your body become accustomed to regularity
  2. Don’t dwell on your failures before bedtime. Think of the positive events of the day and feel gratitude and love for the world. An infusion of chamomile will allow you to effectively relax, relax and relax. Worrying will do you no good and will only prevent you from falling asleep quickly.
  3. Try to organize your sleep pattern. Let it be a long, hot bath with scented candles, a shorter meditation, or calming music before bed.
  4. Create a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom. Often problems falling asleep are caused by bright colors on the wall. So avoid flashy reds and pinks in your bedroom. Turn off all lights and close the curtains before going to sleep.
  5. Try not to watch television before going to sleep. The use of electronic devices interferes with the sleep function due to the emission of blue light. Light in this color mobilizes the body to action.
  6. It is worth taking care of a proper diet and change old eating habits. Eating heavy meals definitely makes it harder to fall asleep, as your body focuses on metabolizing food

In addition to the above advice, it’s a good idea to focus on vitamin and mineral supplementation such as magnesium, B12, vitamins C, A and E. You can find supplements in pharmacies to help you sleep and lower your stress levels.

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