Dual SIM in phones – do you need it?

Dual SIM in phones – do you need it?
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More and more phones and tablets have a Dual SIM option. This is a great solution especially for people who need two phone numbers. What is worth knowing about this solution? Is this option really necessary?

What is the Dual SIM feature in the phone?

Dual SIM is a feature that allows you to have two active SIM cards in your device (phone or tablet). Such device has two slots for cards (usually they are located next to each other). This allows you to use two SIM cards on one device at the same time. You should set in the device which card will be the priority card.

Dual SIM devices are a great solution for people who have a private and business phone or are going abroad and will use the local network there

Using Dual SIM in practice

A Dual SIM device can operate in three modes:

  • Passive – the oldest mode on the market, the slots of two cards are next to each other. User chooses which card is active and which goes to sleep. To switch the card from sleep to active mode, it must be switched in manual mode. This mode is rarely used in devices anymore.
  • Standby – it is marked on devices as Dual SIM Standby or DSS. This mode means that both cards are active and accept incoming and outgoing calls. When a call is made from the active card to the inactive card, the active card is put into sleep mode so as not to interfere with the first card. When the call is completed, the card switches from sleep to active mode. If someone tries to call an inactive number, they will hear a notification that the line is busy.
  • Active – Marked as Dual SIM Active or DSA on devices. A device with this mode is equipped with two separate antennas, thanks to which both cards work simultaneously, even when one of them is making a phone call, the other can be used to access the Internet. Unfortunately, this mode is only installed in the most expensive Dual SIM devices on the market.

What kind of Dual SIM slots are there in phones?

In Dual SIM devices you can find two modes of slots located:

  • under the back flap – in traditional devices removing the back flap allows you to access the slots for sim cards and memory card. Depending on the device model this slot is located next to/under the battery.
  • as a slide-out – most of the latest devices are dominated by this type of slots. There are several variants:
    • hybrid slot – has two trays, into which you can insert two sim cards or sim card and memory card,
    • two independent trays – allows you to use two sim cards and a memory card simultaneously.

Advantages of using devices with Dual SIM function

The most important advantages of Dual SIM solution in phones include:

  • 2-in-1 option – having a private phone and a business phone in one. It is a very convenient solution, because you do not have to carry two devices with you,
  • using two offers of different operators – it is a great solution for people who want to use the Internet in one operator and unlimited calls in the other one,
  • convenience when traveling abroad – calls abroad do not have to ruin your budget, you can just buy a local phone card and make calls without worrying about your bill,
  • cheaper device – one good quality Dual SIM device is much cheaper than two mid-priced smartphones.

Disadvantages of Dual SIM devices

The main disadvantages of this solution include:

  • increased battery consumption – Dual SIM devices drain the battery much faster, this is especially true for devices that have two antennas,
  • Dual SIM instead of microSD – in many phones you have to choose between Dual SIM and microSD function,
  • temporary unavailability – it is a disadvantage especially in devices that work in standby and passive mode.

Is the Dual Sim feature of the device really useful?

The Dual SIM feature is useful in a phone, but it is not essential. It is great for people who have two phones or are planning a business trip.

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