How to match the color of roller blinds with the interior? We choose!

The arrangement of a house or apartment must be very thoughtful, and one of the decisions to be made is the choice of roller blinds. In addition to their type itself, there is still an important issue – their color. So we suggest how to choose the color of roller blinds to match the color of the walls and the entire interior. Here are our tips!

Interior roller blinds – what types are there?

It is difficult to imagine a house or apartment without the ability to cover the windows – and not just for the night, but also during the day, when, for example, the sun is glaring at us. And so the task of interior blinds is not only to provide protection from excessive sun exposure, but also from the gaze of curious passers-by and neighbors. 

Of course, roller blinds are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, undoubtedly constituting a decorative element of the arrangement – and this regardless of the style we have in the interior. We can easily fit them everywhere. In addition to color, we can also choose from many types of materials and light transmission parameters. 

We can divide interior roller blinds into: classic free-hanging and mini blinds, day-night blinds, Roman blinds, Austrian blinds and pleated blinds. In addition, there are several types of installation – in a cassette on the wall, on the window frame and on the ceiling.

How to match the color of roller blinds to the interior – a handful of tips

Now that we know what kind of roller blinds we want, it remains to choose the right color. Here the possibilities are really vast. We can help you decide, so we’ve written out some tips below.

Blinds perfectly matched to the color of the walls

The first option is to choose roller blinds in a color as close as possible to the color of the walls. We have already mentioned that the choice is huge, so no one should have a problem finding an identical one. Such a solution is recommended especially in small rooms, where we rather need to brighten and optically enlarge them. Therefore, both light-colored walls and light-colored roller blinds, possibly pastel, will work best.

Roller blinds in a contrasting color

On the other hand, we have the selection of roller blinds on the basis of contrast. For example, let’s install black blinds to white walls, orange blinds to blue walls, yellow blinds to purple walls, and red blinds to green walls. If you like distinctive colors and original combinations, contrasts will be perfect. They will also work great in children’s rooms and home offices, among others.

Complementary color blinds

Finally, we still have a suggestion to match the color of roller blinds on a complimentary basis to the color of the walls. This means that you decide on one color of blinds and walls, but in different shades of it. Thus, for example, for a light beige wall matches a dark beige roller blind, for a light gray one a graphite one, for a light blue one a blue one, for a light green one a green one, and for a lemon one a yellow one, and so on. In this way we get an interesting arrangement. In addition, we may be tempted to choose roller blinds in several shades, grading their intensity on each window.

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