What should be in a home first aid kit?

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A properly equipped first aid kit should be in every home. Then it will allow you to be prepared for various circumstances. However, you do not need to buy too many medicines to spare as they may expire and have to be thrown away.

Medications that are taken on a regular basis

First of all, your medicine cabinet should contain an adequate supply of medicines that you take on a regular basis. This is very important in case you cannot go to the pharmacy, for example on Sundays. Check regularly that you have them in stock, especially if they are on prescription. Then you can buy a specific amount early. It is best to always have a few days’ supply

One such medication may be antihistamine tablets if you are allergic. Some people need to use them every day. They come in handy especially during times when trees and bushes are dusty. You may also need them if you have an allergic reaction to insect bites, for example. Various allergies can occur suddenly, and you should be prepared for them. In this case, it is important to react quickly. Other medications are those taken for chronic diseases. For people who take a lot of pills, it is useful to have a pillbox to remind them to take them every day. The Almach medical store offers these and other equipment for the home medicine cabinet

Useful medical equipment

In addition to medicines, you will also need a thermometer in your medicine cabinet. You can choose from many types, such as mercury-free, non-contact electronic and touchscreen. They differ in the way they are used and the price. Choosing a thermometer is an individual matter. However, keep in mind that it should comply with European standards. This is a very helpful device, which will come in handy when you have an infection to check your temperature. You should also have a blood pressure monitor at home. Modern devices are very easy to use. Even elderly people can use it independently. When choosing one, make sure that it shows accurate measurements. Besides, a pulse oximeter may also be useful. You can find such a device in a medical store: It is a small device that allows you to measure the level of oxygenation of blood and non-invasive examination of heart rate control

Painkillers and antipyretics

This type of medication proves useful for various ailments. Many people often get a headache, for example. It is worth buying Ibuprofen or Paracetamol, for example. You need to choose the form of this drug that is most suitable for a particular person. The standard option is tablets, but some people have problems with swallowing them. Then you can get their soluble version. Painkillers for children come in the form of syrup, for example. Fever often accompanies many illnesses, so you should be prepared for it. It happens in people of all ages, so it is worth having in the medicine cabinet a substance that will effectively reduce it

Other medicines and dressing materials

Anti-diarrheal medications and those for stomach problems can be useful. You should also keep a saline solution at home. You can use it, for example, to wash wounds and eyes. Especially in the summer, it is worth having in your medicine cabinet additionally preparations soothing insect bites. Necessary equipment should be a variety of dressing materials. For example, it can be a set, consisting of different types of sterile swabs, plasters and bandages. It is best to equip yourself with the appropriate resources that are needed for first aid

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