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Is it worth making New Year’s resolutions?

The end of the year is inexorably approaching. A time of summaries, reflections and balances. This is the time when we have to face the list of our summaries of the ending year and create a list for the next year, this time 2022. Is it worth making New Year’s resolutions?

New year – new me

Many people at the end of a year and right at the beginning of a new one repeat to themselves the statement “new year – new me”. It is supposed to motivate us to start different activities that will bring us closer to our desired and previously set goals. Most people treat the beginning of the year as a symbolic caesura, from which they intend to introduce a number of changes in their lives. They will help us to become the person we always wanted to be. New Year’s resolutions are different. For some of them are connected with self-improvement, for others with experiencing new sensations or unknown things. Sometimes they also involve a return to abandoned practices. However, it often happens that on writing resolutions and several attempts to implement them ends. Each of us can remember gyms and fitness clubs crowded in January. But what next?

Give yourself time

First of all, ask yourself: what would you like to achieve with your New Year’s resolutions? What results have you achieved this year? It’s not worth rushing to write out the first and cliché things that come to mind. Some people say that it is not worth making New Year’s resolutions because we never fulfill them anyway. This is the first mistake we can make

The wrong approach from the very beginning can derail everything. Think about what you would like to do in the new year? Consider how realistic these resolutions are and how important they are to you. If these are popular resolutions such as “I want to lose weight”, “I will do sports”, “I will stop smoking”, “I will read twelve books in a year” and there is nothing else behind them, there is a high probability that we will fail and get discouraged. So choose wisely and put your thoughts into action.

First steps and action plan

In the beginning, create a plan. When you put your New Year’s resolutions into action, make sure to gradate the intensity. Make changes slowly, otherwise you’ll quickly become discouraged and abandon action altogether

Many resolutions require a lot of time, strength and perseverance. Don’t give up at the first failures. Developing a habit takes a dozen or so, or even several dozen repetitions. The key to achieving your desired goals is consistency. When creating daily plans for the coming weeks and months, include activities that will bring you closer to ticking off your New Year’s resolutions at the end of the year

Take a task-based approach

When you have broken down your resolutions into steps, break each step down into smaller tasks. It’s very rewarding and motivating when you can put a bird’s eye on the next item. What’s more, it’s definitely easier to learn 100 Spanish vocabulary words or lose 2 kg – this will allow you to see progress, which will motivate you to keep working. Either way, New Year’s resolutions are worth making, especially if they realistically make you feel better and help you become a better version of yourself

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