How do you quickly find your way in a new workplace?

How do you quickly find your way in a new workplace?
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Starting a job in a new place always causes stress. You need to introduce yourself to your new responsibilities and make a good impression on your boss so that he does not regret his decision to hire you. How can you quickly find your way in a new job?

8 tips to help you find your way quickly in a new job

1. Get to know the dress code

Most companies have a predetermined dress code. For women this means a costume, shirts, dark tights and covered shoes. For men, a suit and shirt is mandatory. It is much more difficult to dress if the company does not have a specific dress code, then it is worth to choose an elegant outfit for work – the lack of guidelines usually means unwritten rules on clothing.

2. Take care of your image

It is very important to have a consistent image, i.e. a way of speaking that corresponds to your body language. Consistency of image has a positive effect on your perception among new colleagues.

3. Know who is who in the team

In every team you can find:

  • an informal leader,
  • the boss’s favorite,
  • motivator.

It is worth finding out who and what role they have in the company, so you can get a better feel for the new workplace. Do not rush this stage, because entering a new person into the team requires time to build trust among other employees. In the beginning, it is advisable to be observant so that you can gain the favor of the team.

4. Learn the habits of your new job

Teams that work together for a long time very often have their own habits such as drinking coffee. In some companies, employees only talk to each other about professional topics. Therefore it is important to get to know the specifics of the team, so that you can establish a thread of understanding.

5. Get involved in your duties

At the very beginning of the job, it’s a good idea to ask about your responsibilities. Ask your manager once and well about all the tasks that are within the scope of the new employee’s duties and how to perform them (if there are clear guidelines in the company). The assigned duties should be performed very conscientiously. Doing them may be difficult at first, but don’t give up. While working, do not look for inspiration on Facebook or over coffee.

You should engage in new responsibilities, but don’t “dabble” with your ideas. Don’t show off your knowledge because it will be misinterpreted and make more enemies than friends.

6. Observe and ask

Try not to overwhelm your boss with questions about everything. You should observe other co-workers and ask them questions if necessary.

7. Communication in social media

In more and more companies employees communicate with their superiors via popular social media. It is worth finding out what habits in this regard prevail in the company.

8. Read information

In many companies, various information is visible in the lobby and in the kitchenette. It is a good idea to read them – this way you can see the company policy from the inside.

Rules of conduct in a new job

Behaviour, dress and attitude determine how the new employee is perceived by others. That is why it is so important in the first few weeks

  • not arriving late to work,
  • greeting others with a smile,
  • looking impeccable,
  • performing assigned tasks with enthusiasm,
  • asking questions if you do not know something.

Getting to know and finding your way in a new company takes time – there are no shortcuts. You will need to learn and accept the rules of the company.

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