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This could be your new passion! Remote Controlled Airplanes

To może być Twoja nowa pasja! Zdalnie sterowane samoloty
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Remote-controlled aircraft have recently become a very trendy hobby among small and large aviation enthusiasts. Is drone, or unmanned aircraft, a passion for everyone?

What are popular drones?

The range of remote-controlled aircraft is growing. Drones, or unmanned remote-controlled aircraft, are becoming increasingly popular. They are most often equipped with cameras so that the image can be seen on a smartphone. A drone can be a toy for children or a device used for professional tasks e.g. in the army.

Types of drones

There are different types of drones available in stores, the most popular include:

  • multicopters – are equipped with propellers,
  • quadrocopters – equipped with four propellers,
  • hexacopters – drones equipped with six propellers,
  • octocopters – drones equipped with eight propellers,
  • airframes – an unmanned drone,
  • riding or jumping d rones – drones that move on the ground,
  • floating d rones – a drone in the form of a boat or a hybrid, which is a device combined with a multicopter.

The most common drones chosen by private users and businesses are:

  • Pathron,
  • Go Pro,
  • Overmax,
  • Syma,
  • Spark,
  • Parrot,
  • Xiaomi Mi.

What purposes can a drone be used for?

Unmanned aircraft, or drones, have become very popular and used in almost every industry. Currently, drones are used:

  • in the military – they allow accurate reconnaissance of the area, thus reducing losses in the army, increasing the safety of civilians and allowing faster detection of threats,
  • in cinematography and photography – with the help of a drone you can take beautiful shots from the air; they are also used to broadcast various sport and cultural events and weddings,
  • as a form of entertainment for adults and children – drones are a great toy for large and small, so that everyone can take the role of the pilot of the ship. You can use your smartphone to see all the shots taken by the drone,
  • in science – drones are used for, among other things:
    • check the purity of the air,
    • observe hard-to-reach places,
    • check the thickness of the ice,
    • learn about new animal species;
  • in transportation – for several years there have been tests on the use of drones by courier companies. Thanks to this, the waiting time for a package will be significantly reduced.

Purchasing a drone – what to pay attention to?

A drone can be bought for as little as several hundred PLN. This is the basic and cheapest version of this device. However, the price should not be the only determinant during the purchase. Other factors you should pay attention to when buying a drone are:

  • camera – it is best to choose a device with a built-in camera. This way you can be sure that it will be compatible with the device,
  • maximum flight time and range – the cheapest models guarantee only a few minutes of flight time, while higher-end models can fly for up to 20-30 minutes,
  • control method – most drones can be controlled with an app downloaded to your phone or tablet. However, a much better way is to control by remote control,
  • quality of construction – the cheapest models are made of plastic, which is damaged when colliding with the ground. More expensive drones are made of more durable material, so an uncontrolled fall does not cause such losses,
  • maximum lifting capacity – the cheapest drones allow only for flight, without the possibility of attaching a camera, which is an additional load,
  • safety sensor – this allows the drone to avoid obstacles that it encounters during the flight,
  • flight stabilizer – stabilizes the image while recording or taking pictures,
  • built-in GPS module – makes it easier to find a lost device,
  • maximum speed of movement of the device,
  • automatic flight function.

What is the cost of a drone?

The price of a drone depends on its features – the more features it has, the more expensive the device is. There are three price categories of drones:

  • up to £1000 – these are the simplest devices used mainly for fun. The battery life is only a few minutes,
  • from 1000 zł to 5000 zł – more advanced devices that allow you to take pictures and videos. Drones that cost at least 4000 zł are used by professional photographers,
  • above 5000 zł – have a number of advanced features, are mainly intended for professional use.

Legal regulations on the use of a drone

A drone can be used by anyone regardless of age, but it is worth remembering a few rules when playing:

  • the drone must be in sight,
  • if it weighs more than 600g, it should be at a safe distance from people and buildings,
  • cannot be used for, among other things:
    • airports,
    • seaports,
    • mines,
    • power plants,
    • banks.
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