Is a dishwasher in a studio apartment a good idea?

The furnishing of an apartment requires thought. It is impossible to put everything in there. Will a dishwasher work in a small apartment, or is it better to give it up?

Furnishing a studio apartment requires much more effort than a large apartment. This is because all the necessary equipment must be packed into a small space. Often some things can not be inserted, because there is simply not enough space for them. 

People who live in a small apartment often wonder what they need and what they can give up in order to functionally use the space well. It is known that the kitchen cannot lack a refrigerator or an oven. However, many times there is a dilemma regarding the dishwasher. Is it worth putting it in a microscopic kitchen in a studio apartment? Or is it better to give it up, for example, in favor of additional cabinets?

Manufacturers of household appliances come to the rescue 

Modern household appliance companies are aware of the limited possibilities of many of their consumers and come out to meet them. Therefore, nowadays you can easily find small dishwashers that are quite capacious and at the same time very functional. And most importantly – they take up relatively little space, so they will also successfully work in studio apartments.

What to keep in mind when buying a dishwasher for a studio apartment?

When choosing equipment for a small kitchen, first of all you should pay attention to the dimensions. Nowadays you can find dishwashers with a width of less than 50 cm, which nevertheless have quite a large load, so you don’t have to put the washing up several times a day. You can easily find such models that can accommodate even a dozen plates, some pot or pan, as well as cutlery and glasses.

When choosing a dishwasher, you also need to consider its energy class and how much water it takes. Often it is much more profitable to buy an appliance several hundred zlotys more expensive, but energy-efficient. Everything will pay off later in bills. 

It is also important to pay attention to the protection against failure. There is no denying it, flooding your apartment and that of your downstairs neighbor is a huge hassle and cost. Such a safety device ensures that the water supply is automatically cut off when washing is interrupted. It’s also crucial with small children, who often open the dishwasher door while washing. Then the equipment will stop washing and resume only when the door is closed.

Combination appliances? This is a novelty on the market

Today, manufacturers offer appliances that combine several different appliances. This saves space, and this is especially valuable in a studio apartment. On the market you can find ovens with a dishwasher option. A freestanding stove in part of the housing has a small dishwasher that can successfully fit a few sets of plates – seemingly not much, but still. For singles, this is certainly enough.

main photo: unsplash.com/Mohammad Esmaili

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