The ABCs of wood floor cleaning

ABC mycia podłóg z drewna
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Wooden flooring is very beautiful, but also demanding when it comes to cleaning it. It is best to use special preparations designed for this material. Nevertheless, there are some important things to remember on a daily basis. Here are some tips on caring for and cleaning your wood floor.

Daily maintenance for wood floors

In order to prevent scratches and other mechanical damage from appearing on the surface, you need to take care of your floor on a daily basis. First of all, it’s about regular vacuuming, preferably on a daily basis, so that no crumbs, dust or sand scratch the surface when you walk on it. This is an important aspect of wood floor care which affects its appearance. It’s especially important when, for example, you’re renting an apartment, have a deposit and are responsible for any mechanical damage to the furnishings in your home. A conventional vacuum cleaner should work well for wood floors, but ideally it should be equipped with a special brush with soft bristles

Cleaning floors step by step

It’s worth noting that washing a wood floor should not be done with a lot of water. Why? Even well-protected wood doesn’t like excess moisture, and if you have interconnected boards, there’s a high risk of droplets getting under the structure. This, in turn, can cause the wood to swell and become damaged.

So prepare a mop, preferably one that is flat. It needs to be a material that you can easily squeeze out of excess moisture. A rotary mop will also work well for this. Using a cloth that is soft to the touch is also a good idea, but let’s not kid ourselves, this method of cleaning requires more commitment and time. Then, prepare water with a dedicated product. If you want to bet on home-made methods, it isbetter to avoid vinegar and olive oil. It is definitely a better idea to bet on preparations dedicated to wood.

When cleaning, do not scrub the surface but rub it to collect dust and dirt. After cleaning, place the cloth or mop cover in the washing machine. Do not use detergents, i.e. liquid detergent. Regular powder will do.

It is advisable to get special products for oiled or varnished wood. If you don’t know which product to choose, ask an advisor at the store. Some liquids for lacquered parquet additionally protect the surface against scratching or dirt. Don’t use all-purpose detergents, which can damage the beautiful wooden surface

How else should I care for my parquet and oiled floors?

If you own a parquet floor, it’s a good idea to have it polished regularly. The surface will look better and the wood will become more durable and resistant. Oiled floors, on the other hand, require regular oil-waxing. Varnished wood surfaces also need to be renovated. You can also find special soaps for the care of oiled surfaces in stores, which additionally protect the coating. This will give your floor a long life.

Remember to clean any stains or mud on your wood floor regularly. Place a doormat at the entrance to your home and protect furniture with felt pads. Also take care of the wood floor in place of the swivel chair. There are special mats for this, which protect the surface from scratches

Remember that regular cleaning and maintenance of your wood floor will result in an aesthetically pleasing surface and its durability.

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