Do the shrimp need to be thawed?

Czy krewetki trzeba rozmrażać?
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Are you a seafood fan and want to prepare a delicious dish? You can find frozen shrimp in many stores, both fresh and pre-cooked. You can use them to prepare many meals with deep aroma and flavor. See if shrimp need to be thawed.

Shrimp in the store – what kind to buy?

Most often you will find fresh frozen shrimp in stores. Although on the surface it seems that this form of food storage may change the taste, seafood really “likes” this form! Frozen shrimp still tastes great after thawing, and retains all the nutrients. They also don’t become too soft, so they retain their proper texture. However, it is worth looking for frozen shrimp that are raw and not pre-cooked. With the latter it is more difficult to make a successful dish, although it is not impossible!

Is it necessary to defrost shrimp before preparation?

As with fish and meat, shrimp also need to be defrosted before preparation. No big worries here though, it happens fairly quickly. You will speed up the process when you place the thawing shrimp in a pot of cold water. It’s not a good idea to increase the temperature or put the shrimp in the microwave or oven – it’s much better to just put them out the evening before.

It’s worth remembering that it’s best to cook thawing shrimps right away, because if they were stored for several hours in refrigerator they may not taste good later.

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