Causes and types of tire damage

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Tires can become damaged for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we can sense right away that there is a problem, and sometimes it is only felt after some time. So find out what the causes and types of tire damage are and, above all, how to avoid them

Irregular wear – the most common cause of damage

Irregular tire wear is undoubtedly the most common cause of tire failure. However, such wear can take many forms. The most typical is serration, which is the outward visible sign of various deforming forces acting on the tread. Tires wear this way especially during long journeys at constant speed and on a straight road. A certain amount of serration is acceptable and does not significantly affect driving comfort. However, more severe teething may have specific causes, such as incorrect tire pressure, excessive wheel alignment, and sparing use.

Another cause of damage can be mid-tread wear or one-sided wear. The former problem is caused by vigorous acceleration, especially during city driving. It is often found in cars with powerful engines. The second type of wear is caused by incorrect axle geometry. Deviations from the standard values can increase over time, for example due to aggressive driving over kerbs. Abnormal wheel alignment on your car can also be affected by lowering the height of the vehicle in combination with low profile tires.

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Cracking a tire due to impact

A common tire damage is also a crack caused, for example, by hitting an obstacle. A crack is most often caused by driving over curbs or speed bumps at too high a speed, or at the wrong angle. This results in over-tensioning of the carcass and cracking of individual cords. Be sure to never ignore this type of damage, as it can cause tread and casing delamination or tire sidewall shrinkage.

Tire cuts or punctures

Roads are often littered with sharp objects, such as nails, glass and stones. If they are stepped on, this could lead to a cut or puncture. If the object damages the tire deeply enough, you may notice a loss of pressure. Remember, in this situation, or if you see an object embedded in your tire, go to a tire repair shop as soon as possible to repair the damage

How to prevent tire damage?

While some of the damage is out of your control, you will be able to avoid many of them by following a few simple rules. First and foremost, remember to regularly rotate the tires on your vehicle, such as when changing summer tires to winter tires and vice versa. By shifting your car tires from the drive axle to the non drive axle, the tires will wear evenly. Driving technique also plays a large role. Avoid sudden starting or braking and aggressive driving on unpaved roads, and if you see an obstacle in the road, approach it slowly and perpendicularly.

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