Lubricating a bicycle chain step by step

Summer is in full swing, so there’s nothing left to do but pull out the bike and go for a ride. But beware: equipment needs to be checked before the season, and one of the steps is to lubricate the chain, among other things. Don’t wonder if you can handle it yourself, just follow our tips. We suggest how to lubricate a bicycle chain step by step!

Why is it so important to lubricate the bicycle chain?

The chain is an important part of the bicycle, and certainly the dirtiest. If you don’t maintain and clean it properly, you will increase the wear and tear on your derailleurs and weaken their efficiency, as well as reduce the flexibility of your ride. An unlubricated chain leads to more friction, so the result is poorer performance, the pedals become stiff and it becomes harder to ride. So if we want to enjoy cycling, we must not skip the step of lubricating the chain.

The right lubricant for your bicycle is essential – what is the best?

Before we proceed to lubricate the bicycle chain, we must first of all choose the right product. And so it turns out that the choice is really quite large, although mainly dependent on the weather conditions in which you intend to ride. You can go for an all-purpose grease, but also for a high-viscosity grease – for riding in the rainy season, where it is exposed not only to moisture, but also to mud; or for a low-viscosity grease – for riding in dust and dust, i.e. in decidedly dry conditions.

Time to clean the chain before lubrication

The lubricant is already in place, but before applying it, we need to thoroughly clean the bicycle chain. We can do this in several ways. The first is to remove the chain and put it in a container or jar of degreaser for a few hours. It is important that it can be closed tightly and shaken vigorously, which will make the dirt sink to the bottom. 

Another involves washing the chain under pressure – with a special spray. – Or a cleaning machine with rotating brushes. It also works well to remove the dirt by hand with a cloth and degreaser. An old T-shirt, for example, will work well as a rag. Don’t forget to clean the gears as well.

After all, you need to thoroughly wipe the whole thing dry – with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Lubricating the bicycle chain – the most important step

If you have already performed the above steps, it’s time to oil your bicycle chain. Take your time and lubricate the link joints sparingly. In fact, one drop per link is enough, because the more, the… worse, and already after riding a short route the chain will be all coated. Remove any excess grease simply with a cloth.

That’s it! Lubricate your bicycle chain and hop on your two wheels!

main photo: Vigerova

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