Where and how to install acoustic panels?

You certainly know what acoustic panels are, but the answer to the question of how to install them and where and why they are actually used can make it more difficult for you. It turns out that the possibilities of these accessories are much greater than it is commonly believed. And their aesthetics and technological parameters make them more and more attractive for users outside the recording rooms. So check out where to install acoustic panels and how the whole installation process works. You may find that you need them, too!

When should I install acoustic panels?

There are several reasons to install acoustic panels. However, in order to be sure that you need this type of accessories, you should answer the question in which situations particular models are used. It is definitely worth to choose acoustic panels, if sound quality plays an important role for you – no matter if it is in your home or in a corporate recording studio. In many rooms proper acoustics is desirable for other reasons as well. Many people decide to install acoustic panels simply to quiet the interior and get rid of unpleasant noise or reverberation.

In what places are acoustic panels installed?

Knowing what role they play acoustic panelsthe answer to the question of where to install them does not seem to be such a difficult task. Any room where music is created certainly comes to mind, and you’re right to go with that. Acoustic panels are essential equipment for any recording or listening studio, but they are not only used there on a large scale. You will also find them in concert halls, cinemas, theaters, clubs or dance halls. They are used to eliminate echoes, rumble, noise and other disturbances which negatively influence the quality of the sound and make it less pleasant to listen to.

Disturbances can destroy the joy of listening to music or art, but they also disturb the comfort of work, therefore, more and more often acoustic panels are installed in conference rooms, offices, open corporate spaces, lecture halls and even restaurants. Thanks to them, rustles, murmurs, echoes or annoying reverberations which prevent efficient and comfortable communication are eliminated.

You can also install acoustic panels at home. It is a great idea to install them in a room which serves as a home cinema. It is also good to soundproof a room where you learn to play an instrument or where you like to listen to music. Bass traps are also useful in such places – you can order them at

How to install acoustic panels – how to start?

Before purchase and installation, it is worth to find out what type of acoustic panels will suit your needs and the specificity of a given interior. So if you do not know what to decide on, ask professionals for help, who will advise you in this regard. Every detail is important here, including your expectations, location and the number of installed systems. Installation is not a demanding task. Commercially available panels and acoustic materialswhich are hung on specially developed suspension brackets. Other models, in turn, are mounted on a very strong adhesive. In this case, it is necessary to take care of the condition of the surface – it must be dry and perfectly clean.

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