Add style to your bachelor pad with these wall decorations

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A rented studio apartment? The first apartment you own? Regardless of that, even small wall decorations can completely change style and character of the interior. It is good that they were adjusted to the members of your household and took into account their hobbies or dreams. What should you bet on?

Shelves – not only dust collectors

Although shelves at first seem unnecessary in modern interiors, it turns out that they can be a great addition to an empty wall. There are many possible combinations that you have at your disposal. One of them is quite thick shelves with a simple design, such as white and placing them one under the other. This will create the perfect place to store books, decorative platters, photo frames or motivational lettering. It’s also a good option to put small potted flowers or candle holders there. Choose one style of decoration and stick to it to create a cohesive whole.

Shelves that are simple in their design are not the only option. There are also 3D models on the market, such as those that resemble a house, a sign or a hexagon. Inside you can put trinkets, and your wall will gain a new look.

Paintings and photos on canvas

Decorating your walls with pictures and photos on canvas has been popular for a long time. No wonder – it’s timeless and will definitely transform your interior. However, it is worth betting on something that reflects the character of the household, even in a rented apartment.

Are you a fan of traveling through big cities bustling with life? Opt for a theme of skyscrapers lit up at night. Do you like sports or cooking? Let the paintings reflect your hobby!

It is still fashionable to create a picture gallery, i.e. to place photos or graphics in decorative frames. However, you can diversify it – for example, add a large letter made of wood, a mirror or wall stickers that you can buy online. Instead of traditional photographs, you can also use, for example, album covers of your favorite artists.

Decoration and functionality in one

It is well known that a bedsit is a small room, which has to be functional. An empty wall is an unused space, which can be used for storage. It is worth placing boards on it, on which you can find notes, postcards from vacations or even jewelry. You can choose from metal constructions that match the loft style or a wooden frame with a grid inside. You can also make these types of elements yourself.

How about using kitchen rails for fixing in the living room? On them you can hang hooks that will hold strings with potted flowers or candlesticks in the form of a transparent ball.

Magnetic wall and whiteboard in one

Do you want to attach photos that are very important to you? Or write something down in a creative way at the same time? Paint one of the walls or its fragment with blackboard and magnetic paint. This way you can not only write on it, but also hang your photos.

A good idea is to hang a small mirror in the middle, e.g. in an unobvious shape of a moon or a heart

Decorations in boho style

Boho style has recently taken over Polish interiors, so you can add a stylish touch to your bachelor pad by placing macramé or other string decorations on an empty wall. An interesting idea is also to place round baskets made of natural materials – one next to another, creating a whole composition

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