Furniture and gadgets that fit into a small kitchen

Meble i gadżety, które wpasują się w małą kuchnię
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Decorating a small space is always a huge challenge. A kitchen is a space which combines many functions. On the one hand, it has to be functional, so it should provide us with as much storage space as possible, the possibility to use it freely and, above all, it should please us. What solutions to introduce into a small kitchen? In this article we will suggest what furniture and gadgets will fit perfectly in a small kitchen.

Some tips to get you started

If you have to arrange your kitchen in a small space, remember to design it well. A well-thought-out design will be the basis of your success in arranging a small space! Remember the basic rules that positively affect the small spaces. Firstly, opt for light colors – both of walls, tiles and furniture, as this will add lightness and open up the space a bit. Secondly, make use of any free space – you don’t have much of it to begin with, so designing it carefully will make it easier for you to function in it in the future. Also, opt for minimalism – what you need is simply less, less of everything that clutters the precious space and overpowers you with its presence, as well as visually diminishes the space. By following these three simple rules, you can move on to choosing furniture and gadgets!

Kitchen furniture

In a small space, you need to bet on a combination of good looks and functionality. So it is worth asking for furniture design for your space. Also, look for the models, colors and designs that suit you best beforehand. You can go to places such as furniture salon Poznań, where not only will you find a wide selection of kitchen furniture, but you can also get professional help. The furniture, therefore, should be primarily in light colors so that it does not overwhelm the space. You can choose a slightly contrasting countertop, for example imitating the texture of wood. With light-colored furniture and a slightly contrasting countertop, a kitchen sink and faucet in a popular today black color will look good. Remember that the furniture should be designed to accommodate as many contents as possible!


When it comes to gadgets in the kitchen, also remember the principle of less. It’s a good idea to start by thinking about what you need most in your kitchen – in addition to the most basic items you use in your daily cooking, there will always be some space for gadgets, but only ones you’ll actually use

It’s not worth taking up space with accessories that you might really like and think you’ll use, but which will just end up collecting dust. If you really like doughnuts and you want to make them often for yourself, your loved ones and your guests, you should think about buying such gadgets as doughnut fryers

Remember not to exaggerate with their quantity, and choose the most versatile solutions. Certainly helpful in a small kitchen will be all kinds of racks for plates, cups, etc. Stacking plates vertically in cabinets allows you to save more than half the space! It’s also worth getting all kinds of organizers to save space and make arranging things in the kitchen easier, as well as a set of pots and pans that has a detachable handle – this will also make storing them easier.

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