How to create a lounge area in a studio apartment?

Jak stworzyć strefę wypoczynkową w kawalerce?
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A studio apartment is usually small in size. It requires some effort to furnish it. However, you can create a perfect space for relaxation

Comfortable place to sleep

The bed is a very important element in every apartment. Everyone spends a lot of their time in it. You need to make sure that it is comfortable. Sleeping in poor conditions brings negative effects to the body. Among other things, it affects reduced efficiency during the day. The basis of every bed is a properly selected mattress. You can buy them on many websites, such as A foam mattress guarantees a comfortable sleep

It is characterized by high elasticity and flexibility. It is recommended for people who suffer from bothersome back pain. On a comfortable bed you can rest after a long day and relax properly. A pillow is also a fundamental element

A wrongly chosen pillow can lead to unpleasant problems. You should choose its shape and hardness level according to your preferences. The most important thing is to feel comfortable on it. Additionally it is worth getting good bedding. It also influences comfortable rest. It is also an excellent decorative element. It is good to buy one made of completely natural materials. For example, it can be cotton, wool, linen or silk

In the case of synthetic materials, the proper access of air is blocked. This does not positively affect the comfort of sleep, because the skin sweats excessively. Taking care of a comfortable place to sleep will improve the comfort of your functioning during the day

Appropriate furnishings

Often this type of apartment combines different rooms together into a living area. In order to make a studio apartment seem larger, it is worth enclosing a place to relax. For example, a table or a chest of drawers

The rest area should be tidy. Choose furniture for this purpose in the living room. Bet on large closets, which will accommodate a multitude of things. A large closet will perfectly hide the clutter. If you choose one with a mirror, moreover, you will optically enlarge the space

You may be interested in custom-made furniture. They will help you make use of every available area in a studio apartment. Multifunctional furnishings will also be a good choice. For example, these can be tables with an open top or poufs and sofas with a container. In a small space, you need to pay more attention to the organization of your things. You can easily feel overwhelmed. So, opt for minimalism. As you know, it is hard to relax in a crowded apartment. In case you have too little space, choose an armchair instead of a sofa. It will allow you to rest in a different place than your bed. It is also a good idea when you have guests visiting you often

Climate accessories

Take care of the accessories for your apartment. If you cannot afford a general renovation, they will help you in a small metamorphosis. For relaxation zones, various kinds of potted plants will work perfectly. They reduce stress, improve mood and have a positive effect on comfort. Additionally, they train attentiveness. They can be an interesting decorative element. An essential detail in a studio are curtains

They allow us to separate from the world. Those in fashionable versions add elegance to the room. You can buy good quality ready-made curtains at They are sewn to measure, so you can easily fit them to any type of window. Appropriate light is also important

Diffused light adds atmosphere to the room and also influences proper rest. A nice addition are LED bulbs in different colors. You can use them, for example, for a bedside lamp

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