Kitchen for a single – what kind of kitchen?

Kuchnia dla singla – czyli jaka?
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A kitchen for a single person should be designed in the same functional way as one for a large family. Following guidelines for furniture positioning and capacity as well as selecting modern household appliances will help create an elegant space – even if it’s a small one. So what can be done to make a small kitchen spacious and stylish? Kamila Prałat, SOLGAZ expert, answers this question

Single people and singles often live in one- or two-room apartments. So their kitchens have limited space. But can a single person’s kitchen be as impressive as a large one?

A kitchen for singles should be functional. Even if cooking is not our strong suit, kitchen design itself will require more preparation and precision than in the case of large rooms. Currently in kitchen designs, white bathed kitchen interiors are increasingly being replaced by darker colors – for example black, navy blue or bottle green – which are also used in the color scheme of household appliances and accessories

– says Kamila Prałat, SOLGAZ expert

Domestic appliances for a single person

Regardless of whether you live alone, in a group of several people, have a small kitchen or a large one – in each case you need household appliances without which it is difficult to function on a daily basis. Many appliances can be purchased in smaller sizes to save space. For example, hobs with two burners – for example those with gas under glass, which take up less than 35 cm of countertop

– For a small kitchen, a compact 3in1 oven such as the SP34PM with steam and microwave functions is a good option. Thanks to its multifunctionality, it provides a small kitchen with several appliances connected to each other, thus saving a lot of space in the room. You should also consider installing a hood. Cooking fumes and smells can be a nuisance, especially in small apartments where ventilation is limited. In such kitchens, a cupboard hood is a good solution – it is built into the furniture, minimalistic and very functional

says the SOLGAZ expert.

Aone-person kitchen cannot be devoid of accessories and utensils, without which it is difficult to prepare meals. Plates, cutlery, pots and pans should be placed in kitchen cabinets. It’s worth betting on a few gadgets that will make our everyday work easier and at the same time will be a decoration – fresh herbs in designer pots, pepper grinders or a set of ladles and spoons. All this will complete the whole arrangement and add to the final taste.

Additional functionalities (not only) for a single person

When choosing new household appliances, pay attention to their energy efficiency class. An important factor is also the additional functionality, thanks to which using the kitchen will be pure pleasure. These include hobs with touch control panels – without knobs, buttons or other protruding elements

For several months now, discussions on rising electricity prices have been continuing unabated. According to the Energy Regulatory Office (URE), electricity prices for households in Poland have increased by as much as 10% over the last four years. For comparison, as of July 1, 2020 gas prices dropped by 10.6%. The rising costs of electricity make us return more and more often to the well-known and once very popular gas-powered solutions, such as cookers or ovens. Modern solutions do not have much in common with the old equipment because they are distinguished by a unique design, much greater functionality and a guarantee of safety.

The kitchen for a single, being often smaller in size, may cause problems with equipping it with the same elements as in the case of rooms with a large area. Such an area, however, can not exclude household appliances, which are difficult to do without. Following the advice of the SOLGAZ expert we can create a perfect kitchen – regardless of our family status.

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