Mobile laptop desk – perfect for a small apartment!

Mobilne biurko do laptopa - idealne do małego mieszkania!
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It is very difficult to organize an office in a small apartment. It’s a very good idea to have a good and safe place to work, but it’s also a good idea to have a good and safe place to work.

It’s not healthy for your backbone, but it’s a good idea to keep your laptop on your lap or coffee table. This is not healthy for the spine. Meanwhile, you can buy a mobile desk, which is lighter, smaller and can fit in every corner of your home

Mobile desk – what is it?

Mobile desks are much lighter than standard desks and can be easily moved. If you live in a rented apartment, they don’t cause much of a problem either, as you can move them to any subsequent residence.

Mobile desks usually come with 4 wheels so that they are easier to move. They are styled in a traditional way and made of wood. You can also find ones made of aluminum. Most often, they come with a matching stool.

A mobile desk also has built-in shelves. They are usually placed the same as in their classic counterpart. What are the characteristics of a mobile desk? It is much smaller and lighter, so you can organize a comfortable office even in the smallest apartment.

Where to organize your office?

When it comes to a small studio apartment, proper organization is extremely important. A mobile desk has the advantage that you can set it up wherever you want. Below is a handful of information on the most popular spaces, where you won’t disturb anyone, and you will feel like in a real office. All you need is a laptop, documents and a tidy desk, and you’re ready to start working!

Desk behind a sliding door

This is a common solution practiced in very small apartments. Designers put sliding doors in recesses, so that the apartment has an additional space, only hidden. Often there is a bed, sometimes it is just a space for things. From such an interior you can easily make your own office, using a mobile desk. It is small, so it will fit there without any problem. Moreover, you can nail small shelves in the storage space or put a bookcase for necessary documents

It’s a great solution: your desk and documents won’t take up any space in your home, and you can close the door when you’re done working and relax in peace

Mobile desk in the bedroom

Often small apartments have only one large room, which is both a kitchen, living room and bedroom. Even in such a place you can find space to locate your desk. Everyone has a large closet in their bedroom, behind which there is an alcove. If the space there is not used – develop it this way. Make sure beforehand that you will not disturb anyone.

Desk under the stairs

Do you live in a house and don’t have space for a home office? You can make use of the space under the stairs. Just make sure that the angle is sufficient and that you don’t hit your head when getting up

You won’t be bothering anyone there. We know from experience that this space is almost never used, and if it is, there are things lying there unused. Go ahead and take advantage of this and set your mobile desk there.

Desk by the window

This is ideal for people who work remotely. Natural light is the most beneficial for our eyesight. You can move your mobile desk to the vicinity of large windows or even a balcony.

There is no problem here, because the structure of the furniture allows it. However, after you finish your work, you can put it back in a corner, so that no one disturbs you.

Ideal working conditions – what dimensions should the desk have?

Laptop does not take up much space, but do not forget about the additional documents. It is estimated that the total comfort of work will provide us a desk with a depth of at least 75 cm. Then it will be safest to put a small lamp, pens or additional documents on it.

The minimum width of the top should be 80 cm. If we need more space, a desk 120 cm wide should be fine. Remember to get some light and stable items for storing documents. With a mobile desk, this is extremely important. Boxes, binders, or folders work best

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