Simple ways to decorate your walls

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The proper appearance of walls is a very important part of any interior design. However, it is not easy – just choosing the right paint can be a problem. We suggest easy and effective ways.


There are many patterns and motives available on the market, so surely everyone will be able to choose something suitable for himself. What is important, such stickers are inexpensive and easy to install.

For the living room or bedroom stickers with floral and plant motifs will be perfect. They can create amazing optical illusions, especially if you decide to put them in the fold of the wall or over the bed.

Practical educational stickers will be perfect for a child’s room. They will create a friendly atmosphere, but also help the youngest in learning. You can place them, for example, above the desk so that the child has an easy access to them.

An interesting solution are stickers with a brick pattern. They work best in interiors with a raw character, for example in the kitchen, in the living room or in the bedroom.

Practical solutions

The most functional way is the calendar, which can also create a very interesting decoration. Calendars 2022 can depict photos of your household members, an interesting landscape or something you have a fondness for. The choice of themes is large, so it is worth thinking about such a functional decoration.

Another decoration, which can not only make an impression, but is also very practical, is a clock. It is worth to choose its model to the style of the interior, and its color to the color of the wall on which it will be placed.

You can also hang special boards on the wall, on which you can write with erasable markers. These markers are chalk markers, and their functionality will allow you to combine the visual effect with practicality.


To give an empty wall a new character, just hang a picture, a painting or a poster on it. This will make any interior more homely and cozy. Often pictures reflect the taste of the household members, but they can also be painted by them. This is a very good solution for anyone with manual skills. In order to create a painting for the wall in the living room, for example, all you need is a creative art kit.

Photos of family members or a poster corresponding to your interests will also look good on the wall.


Mirrors, of course, are also a very practical decoration, but the beautiful frames also make mirrors a decorative element. The advantage of mirrors is that they can be hung in almost any room. An interesting solution may be to hang small mirrors in different compilations.

Mirror will be a good decoration of both richly decorated, expressive and colorful interiors, as well as small spaces. For the latter, you can use mirrors to optically enlarge and brighten the interior.


This is a solution especially for book lovers. They can introduce artistic disorder, which will work especially well in retro-style apartments. Books look good on any wall. On the shelves you can also put other decorations, for example flowers or candles. Shelves can be bought in unusual shapes and designs, so even leaving them empty can be an interesting solution.


Greenery can beautifully enliven any interior. Live or artificial flowers placed in an interesting looking flowerbed will add a natural character to the room. You can place one plant on the wall, but also create a decoration with more flowers.

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