Which balcony table to choose?

Jaki stolik na balkon wybrać?
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Even the smallest balcony can become a pleasant place to relax. Its basic equipment is a table and a chair. Wondering which table is right for your balcony? Check out the suggestions below.

Balcony space vs. table size

When choosing a table, we should first of all start with its size. If your balcony is small, it would be a shame to clutter up the space with too large a table. We have a choice of tables that will serve their purpose without taking up too much space.

Coffee table

Sleek, practical and striking, this coffee table isn’t hard to find and can be the perfect option for a small balcony

Balustrade table

If you have a particularly small balcony, a balustrade table is a practical solution – it takes up a minimum of space and fulfils its role

Semi-circular table

Another option for small balconies is a table in the shape of a semicircle, which slides up against the wall or the built-in balustrade. This model will save space and create a comfortable space.

If we have a balcony of a larger size, we should think about the whole arrangement – whether the table is to be the main piece of furniture or an addition to, for example, a comfortable sofa. We can also place 2 or 3 smaller tables next to a sofa, armchairs or loungers. Another solution is a folding table, on which, if needed, we can prepare a small party on the balcony.

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