DIY: Easter tree for the holidays!

DIY: Drzewko wielkanocne na święta!
Photo by: _Alicja_ / Pixabay

Looking for an idea for an original Easter decoration? See how to make a Christmas tree from boxwood!

A live, green boxwood tree will be a beautiful decoration for the Easter holiday. Below are instructions on how to make one.

Materials needed:

  • boxwood branches,
  • pot or small bucket,
  • florist sponge,
  • a slightly thicker twig,
  • quail eggs,
  • skewer sticks,
  • hot glue.


  1. Cut the sponge to the size of a pot or bucket and put it inside.
  2. Stick the twig into the sponge.
  3. Cut a second florist sponge to get the most rounded shape possible, then scoop it onto the twig.
  4. Stick small sprigs of boxwood into the top sponge, trying to form a ball.
  1. Glue the quail egg shells onto the skewer sticks.
  2. Then stick the egg sticks into a ball with boxwood branches.
  1. We cover the lower sponge in the pot with short boxwood branches. We can additionally decorate them with eggs, feathers or other decorations of your choice.
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