How to decorate the bathroom for a single?

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Do you want to renovate your bathroom, but don’t know where to start? We tell you how to choose the most important appliances and what to think about when designing!

Bathtub or shower?

In spacious bathrooms, it is often possible to install a bathtub and a shower, but if you own a small space, you are probably wondering what to choose. Remember that the most important thing is your comfort and habits – you do not have to follow the trends, despite the popular opinion that in a studio and small apartment you should invest in a shower. If you love relaxing baths with wine and a good book, don’t give it up. The right shower bathtub can actually add style to your bathroom.

To make better use of the space, consider using the bathtub enclosure to organize cabinets and drawers for storage. Also think about convenient shelves within easy reach where you’ll keep your toiletries. And if you know that sometimes you might need a quick shower – consider installing a shower screen.

The sink is more important than you think

You may not have thought about it, but an ill-fitting washbasin can quickly become annoying. It’s not just the shape or color – it’s the depth Bathroom sinks it’s often a place you use not only to wash your hands, but also to put on makeup or shave, wash your hair or do a quick wash. When designing, remember to adjust its depth to suit your needs. A bowl that is too shallow will irritate you and make it difficult for you to function on a daily basis

A washbasin is almost always accompanied by a mirror. If you’re short on space, consider a mirrored cabinet to give you extra storage space for your toiletries. It’s also worth thinking about the use of the space around it – will you put decorations there, or maybe a basket with towels or a soap container? Make sure you already include enough space for your things in the design to avoid the feeling of clutter!

Clean rooms are the most pleasing

Even if you are not fond of cleaning, you certainly like to have order. Unfortunately, dust collects everywhere, even in the bathroom. Part of the problem can be solved with a wall hanging toilet bowla mop can be easily pushed underneath. This way, you also avoid the hard-to-clean space behind the toilet seat.

Dark ceramics have become trendy lately, but if you are a fan of this arrangement, make a phone call to the sanitary authorities beforehand and make sure that the water in your place of residence is not hard. This information can save you the nervousness of white stains on dark surfaces! And if your biggest nightmare when cleaning is wet marks on your tiles – consider non-gloss tiles. It’s a small difference, but the effect will be unmissable.

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