What home exercise equipment is worth having?

Jaki sprzęt do ćwiczeń w domu warto mieć?
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Exercise brings better results when it is done in the right way. In order to exercise effectively, it is advisable to use a variety of exercise equipment. Some of them, such as dumbbells, we can easily keep at home. What exercise equipment is worth having at home?

What determines what exercise equipment we can have at home?

Everything depends on what our budget is. Also very important is how much space we have at home for equipment. Unfortunately, not everyone can devote a garage, basement or spare room at home. In such cases, it is worth betting on small devices

It is also important how intensive the training is planned to be. If you exercise occasionally, there is no point in building a whole gym at home.

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Cardio exercises. What equipment can be useful?

When performing cardio exercises, we can choose from several pieces of equipment

Exercise bike

Certainly, many people will want to choose an exercise bike. This is a classic piece of equipment that is strongly associated with aerobic exercise. It is also emphasized that it is a good option for people of all ages. Of course, the advantage of such an option is that unlike a regular bike, we don’t have to worry about the weather. The use of an exercise bike promotes calorie burning, improves blood circulation in the legs and heart efficiency

What other equipment is worth having at home?

Other interesting exercise equipment, which can be useful at home, is an electric treadmill, orbitrek or home rowing machine. The last device is valued for its high efficiency. Thanks to it, we can combine elements of strength training with cardio. It engages all parts of the body, which makes it a very universal device.

How to exercise legs and arms at home?

Leg exercises can also be performed with the help of equipment that we can have at home. Among the basic accessories with such a purpose are resistance bands. Despite their simplicity, they allow for various types of lower body exercises. Barbells and step stools of adjustable height may also be useful

Hand exercises

In this case, there will be no great surprise: the basic proposal for exercises performed at home will be dumbbells. Other options include kettlebells with a variable center of gravity

Abdominal exercises. What equipment to choose?

The price is always a well-sculpted ”six-pack”. For abdominal exercises, a bench with two sides is useful. With it you can exercise different parts of the abdomen. What else can be used for home exercises? Stretchers, resistance bands or cradles

Smaller tools for exercising at home – skipping rope and gym ball

What else can we use to exercise at home?

Skipping rope

A very simple and cheap device is a skipping rope. It may arouse surprise, but precisely this child’s toy is an instrument for exercising in many sports disciplines, for example in boxing. It has a very good effect on neuromuscular coordination. Thanks to skipping we can effectively warm up, but also perform cardio training regardless of the prevailing weather. We do not need a lot of space when exercising on a skipping rope.

Gym ball

A rubber ball can be a very useful piece of training equipment. It is used for exercise, massage, but also to develop correct posture while sitting. It is very versatile and at the same time does not take up much space

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