Healthy diet for 10 days – ingredients to keep in mind

Do you want to arrange a dietary menu on your own that will make you feel good and lose weight? Find out what products you can’t leave out of it.

Healthy diet – that is, what kind of diet?

It is very often the case that we start thinking about a healthy diet when we want to lose weight. Then very often, when we don’t have the right knowledge, we grab for miracle diets, 1000 calorie diets or exclude products that don’t need to be avoided at all. 

If you want to lose weight, you simply need to eat healthy, providing your body with the necessary ingredients in the right – not too large and not too small – quantities. Check out how to compose a healthy menu, based on which you can make your own diet for 10 days! 

Don’t give up what you like

If from the first day of the diet you decide to completely give up what you like, we do not augur success. According to the practical rule, which says that 80% of meals should be healthy and nutritious, and 20% is what you eat for pleasure, there will be room in the diet even for a burger, fries or chips.

This doesn’t mean that unhealthy snacks aren’t worth cutting back on – it’s simply a matter of moderation and reason in composing your menu. You can do it yourself, just learn a few simple rules.

Vegetables and fruits are the basis

In the diet, it is essential to plan meals based largely on vegetables, which should be the basis of the diet. It is advisable to rely primarily on seasonal vegetables, so you can eat wholesome food and save a little on top of that. You can prepare many interesting meals from vegetables, but also treat them as a side dish or snack between dishes.

Also reach for fruits – at least once a day they should appear in meals. For this reason, during the summer season, think about freezing raspberries or strawberries, which later go well in oatmeal, for example.

Reach for cereal products

Don’t forget about cereals either. Swap light bread for dark, and stock up on pasta – you can also choose healthier options among them. 

Sandwiches or pasta-based dishes are easy to prepare and nutritious – they complement perfectly with vegetables and more.

Dairy products – don’t avoid them!

Another part of our diet should be dairy products, as they are rich in calcium and vitamin D. Kefir, milk, cheese – all these are worth including in your daily diet. 

The basis may be natural yogurt. On its basis you are able to create at least healthy fruit smoothies, which are an ideal option for a second breakfast, for example.

Meat, legumes, eggs 

A healthy menu should also be rich in elements such as meat, eggs or legumes, as well as nuts.

When it comes to meat, try to reach for lean ones – from turkey, chicken or veal. 

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