How to store dog toys?

Four-legged owners are well aware of how much space toys can take up. Dogs often spread them around the house. It’s best to keep them in one easy-to-access place. Which one? You will find out in the article below. We encourage you to read it!

Toys – should dogs have constant access to them?

A dog should have not only its bed and a bowl with food and water, but also various toys. It is thanks to them that he discharges excess energy, relaxes, builds a bond with his owner, as well as socializes and learns certain behaviors. 

Every dog usually has a lot of toys, although he will certainly choose the one which is perfect for him – a ball, a teether, a rope, a teddy bear or a sniffing mat. This doesn’t mean, however, that he should always have all of them within his reach (or rather paw). Absolutely not. If the toys are constantly available, in plain sight, then it may be difficult for your dog to distinguish his stuff from human stuff. Consequently, he may see nothing wrong with playing with our slippers or blanket.

That’s not all, because by playing with the same thing all the time, your pet may simply get bored. Such monotony will not serve him well and all the more he may look around for new stimuli.

Storing dog toys – what do you need to know about it?

As it follows from the above, our role as owners is to take care of our dog, its activity and, of course, its toys. It’s not only about buying more accessories, but most importantly about storing them properly.

If we put the toys in one place and take them out at specific times, then the dog will feel more secure and safe, as well as will be able to know when it is time for rest and when it is time for play. At the same time, remember to leave him one toy, preferably a chew style, to deal with his emotions.

Baskets, bags and more – a few ways to store your dog’s toys

Toys can be kept in a variety of containers, boxes, or garbage cans and bags designed for this purpose. You can have one bigger or several smaller ones, in which not only your dog’s toys will be easily grouped, but also his cosmetics and grooming utensils or accessories used during a walk.

Fortunately, the choice of organizers is really big, so nobody should have any problem with finding the right one. We can decide on linen, cotton, wooden or any other model – plain, toned, expressive, smooth or patterned. And if you don’t want to buy any of them, there’s nothing stopping you from dedicating one of your cupboards or drawers to your dog’s toys.

And how do you store your four-legged friend’s toys?

main photo: Veenema

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